Greg Justice

Social Media Intern
Corporate Communications

Do I dare disturb the universe? - T.S. Eliot

On a cool autumn morning in the late 1980s, a baby was born. This innocent creature, raised on a strict diet of Frosted Flakes and coconut milk, would grow to become the world's most interesting intern. Fast forward to 2010 and Greg Justice is taking the world by storm!

Before coming to Cisco, Greg founded his own SAT-prep company as well as a 5-piece hip-hop band. Both ventures failed miserably. Last summer, in preparation for his Cisco internship, Greg worked as a cook in a Lake Tahoe kitchen.

Greg is an English major at Stanford University. His passions include pescetarianism, the Golden State Warriors, Vinyassa Flow, sharks, and the 1991 film Point Break. Let the chips fall where they may, but he hopes to someday be reborn as a badger.

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