Alain Fiocco

Sr Director, Head of IPv6 High Impact Program

Network Operating Systems Technology Group

Alain is a 25 year veteran of the networking industry and has been with Cisco Systems for seventeen years.

He is currently the Senior Director, Cisco Engineering leading IPv6 High Impact Program for Cisco, across all product lines.

IPv4 exhaustion and IPv6 transition is one of the most challenging technology transition, the Internet and IT industry, have had to deal with. Although IPv6 has been specified almost two decades ago, its deployment and customer transition have not happen fast enough to cope with the tremendous growth of the Internet and the exhaustion of IPv4 address space. Cisco is investing a tremendous amount of resources and intellectual capital in leading this transition with innovative technology, standardization leadership and its unparalleled knowledge of IP architectures and direct customer engagement.

Alain and his team are at the very core of this massive industry transition and directly involved from “definition, standardization to delivery” of the technology and architectures, underpinning IPv6 transition, along with the technology development and product engineering groups across Cisco.

Fiocco was one of the first CCIE in 1992. He joined Cisco in 1995 as a Technology Consultant, and has been involved in some of the largest Network design projects commissioned by European Service Providers in the early days of Internet growth, and over the years was also involved in many Enterprise technology leadership project all across EMEA.

Alain joined Software Engineering group in 2006, and drove IOS technology roadmap. One of his main accomplishments was to incubate and define Medianet architecture and driving a roadmap to enable Rich Media and Video applications to deliver unparalleled customer experience across a Cisco Medianet

In 2006 Alain and his family relocated from France to Cisco Corporate in San Jose, California. After enjoying living in San Francisco Bay area for five years He recently moved back to Paris with his family.