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Realize Business-Wide Benefits with Cisco’s Remote Expert

Cisco’s Remote Expert brings face-to-face interactions back to the forefront of your business, improving productivity and reinvigorating customer interfaces with a personal touch that’s unachievable with telephone, email, text, chat and other online interactions. We know that “in person” communication strengthens business relationships and generates meaningful customer touchpoints, but what other benefits can Remote Expert provide to your organization?

Well, for starters, consider these:

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Videoconferencing for Small Business: Worth a Look

Videoconferencing saves small businesses money and increases competitiveness

Being a small business means that you’re always maintaining a tight budget. So when there’s a financial downturn, it hits small companies harder, because there’s typically little fat to trim from an already lean budget.

According to the annual Microsoft SMB/Partner Insight Report, small businesses focused on three areas for surviving the economic downturn: reducing staff, reducing technology spending, and reducing travel. Although the survey showed that small businesses would start spending a more on staffing and technology this year, travel cost reductions will remain steady at 38%. Most of the small business owners I know would agree with this report.  Would you?

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