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Fresh ideas are ageless

“Am I being replaced by 12 year-olds?”  The fast-paced world of social media is a constant reminder that marketers need to learn new skills throughout their careers.  Still, I even surprised myself with my defensive reaction to seeing two girls half my height in the office.  I mention height because I am more than twice their age. To my relief, they were visitors from a college-track summer program.  They had come to Cisco to learn more about careers in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  One of the young ladies couldn’t stop talking about how much she enjoyed meeting new friends in Oklahoma via TelePresence.

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My Pinterest case study – of cows and dress sizes

My busy schedule allows no time for negativity or newsfeeds with an agenda.  Pinterest connects me to the brighter side of womankind.

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Empowering the Internet Generation

The internet generation has their own way of working; they are not confined to one space and want flexibility to use different tools; they are more mobile, social, visual, and virtual.  They use technology to expand their community of influence across coworkers, suppliers, and customers, breaking down barriers to solve problems across and within these communities.

I have recorded a VoD were I share my thoughts on how Cisco is uniquely positioned to empower the internet generation to transform businesses by expanding the reach of video and making it pervasive.  Take a listen and share your thoughts with me.

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