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Small Business Mobilizes Employees with Hosted Solution

My parents give me advice all the time, typically without me asking for it.  I genuinely appreciate their concern for my problems, but most of the time I feel like they don’t understand what I’m going through.  So, I reach out to a friend, because they are a peer, and they get where I’m coming from.  Same goes for technology purchase decisions—it’s great to get advice from IT experts, but sometimes the message hits home best when you hear it from another small business.  Thus, I present to you a customer story of why a small business went with a hosted voice over IP solution.

A Customer Story

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Cisco’s Cloud & Collaboration Strategy

We’ve all been hearing a great deal about cloud and cloud computing lately. You’ve likely heard Cisco talking about its cloud computing strategy quite a bit. Cisco is in many businesses that touch cloud.  One of the largest is collaboration. I sat down with Cisco’s Group Director for Hosted Collaboration Eric Schoch to get some answers.

Eric articulates the cloud computing and collaboration vision, strategy, portfolio and differentiation he’s been taking on the road as he meets with customers and partners. The short video below elaborates on Cisco’s collaboration business, our approach to the cloud and how Cisco is positioned in this very competitive marketplace with service providers such as Orange Business Services, Swisscom and Verizon Business Services

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