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Guidelines for Effective High Density Wireless LAN Deployments for Conferences and Other Environments

This blog provides a follow up to questions I received about the Cisco Live 2011 high density wireless LAN deployment that I referenced in my blog Look Inside the Cisco Live 2011 NOC to See Amazing Network Management Results . Blog readers wanted to know more about the best practice guidelines and ratio of clients to access points (APs) that was used for the Cisco Live high density WLAN deployment.  Given the scope of the answer, I thought it made sense to post this follow up blog.  

I talked with Jim Florwick and Mir Alami, Cisco wireless Technical Marketing Engineers, who helped design and deploy the WLAN at Cisco Live 2011 as well as Joe Clarke, a Cisco Distinguished Services Engineer who was on the team managing the Cisco Live Network Operations Center (NOC). We discussed the challenges associated with setting up wireless for high density client usage at Cisco Live and for other large events.

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The Network Week in Review and Look Ahead: July 11- July 15

Welcome back to another weekly wrap up of our top stories and features from The Network. For those of you who participated in or even watched CiscoLive, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Check out what we’ve been up to this week.

1.) Cisco Live 2011

As you all know by now, CiscoLive is just wrapping up in Las Vegas this week. Do you attend Cisco Live onsite or virtually? Tell us your story and you could be featured as the Ultimate Cisco Live Attendee! Turn in your submissions today!

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Missed it? A Recap on Tuesday’s Events from Cisco Live 2011

It’s been a whirlwind of a day at Cisco Live! In case you missed anything, here’s a quick recap on the day’s events.

To kick off the morning, we announced a refresh of the world’s most widely deployed switch, the Catalyst 6500. Fun fact: the new Sup2T is powerful enough to handle 250 Harry Potter DVDs per second!

Cisco Live! 2011 - July12-44

SVP John McCool and Scott Gainey

Then our Chairman and CEO, John Chambers, ushered in by a flash mob, delivered his keynote address to a packed house and a virtual audience of 40,000 from over 150 countries!

Cisco Live! 2011 - July12-156

Flashmob takes over Cisco Live

Cisco Live! 2011 - July12-83

John Chambers delivers his keynote address

Next, I got a behind the scenes look at some of the impressive technology that goes behind supporting over 15,000 Cisco Live attendees. It took about 4 days to build the Network Operations Center and it tracks realtime traffic on the network in the convention center.

And finally, I got my hands on the new Cisco Cius. It may not come with Angry Birds out of the box, but I’m told if you’re on your IT Manager’s good side, they just might enable it for you… oh, and it has HD video, Cisco TelePresence, and VXI technology.

Exclusive Immersive Cius Experience-15

Hands on with Cius

Check back again tomorrow for more news and updates from CiscoLive 2011 and click here for more photos from the day!

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Borderless Healthcare at Cisco Live: The Doctor Will See You Now (Virtually)

At Cisco Live today, we turned our attention away from the slot machines and Elvis impersonators, and sat in on the Healthcare Video Architectures session where we learned that 30% of the brain is visual and 60-90% of communication is non-verbal.

While human architecture hasn’t changed over thousands of years, computer architectures certainly have transformed in just a few years (the equivalent of thousands of years in technology time).

When it comes to healthcare–more so than in a lot of other industries–patients need to see doctors, and doctors need to see patients. And thanks to advances in technology, like Cisco HealthPresence, increases in networking speeds, and overall architectural improvements, doctors’ offices can be outfitted with all sorts of telemedicine apparatuses, allowing patients to be seen by the doctor without leaving home.

When outfitting a customer with a solution, there are four major areas for partners to think about: Quality, ease of use, bandwidth, and cost. While cost is usually the top consideration for a customer, in the session we learned that it shouldn’t drive the solution (that’s because a customer could end up buying something that doesn’t meet their clinical needs).

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This Week at Cisco Live 2011: Networking, Cloud, Virtualization, and More!

I’m here in Las Vegas and aside from enjoying a frosty beverage or two by the pool and betting my next paycheck at the Black Jack tables, I’m attending Cisco Live 2011. This annual education and training event is like the World Cup of networking events, where IT, networking, and communications professionals join Cisco experts and partners to learn, connect, and collaborate.

There are so many different sessions and keynotes taking place at Cisco Live this week, but don’t worry if you can’t attend every event. I’ll be posting daily recaps here on the Channels blog, talking to partners at the conference, covering the big news, as well as sending out live tweets.

Cisco Live 2011 officially kicks off tomorrow with a keynote and welcome address from Chairman and CEO John Chambers. John is slated to discuss the future of networking and communication technology, and the ways it will transform business practices, education, and social relationships.

What else is taking place at Cisco Live this week? Read More »

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