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Guidelines for Effective High Density Wireless LAN Deployments for Conferences and Other Environments

This blog provides a follow up to questions I received about the Cisco Live 2011 high density wireless LAN deployment that I referenced in my blog Look Inside the Cisco Live 2011 NOC to See Amazing Network Management Results . Blog readers wanted to know more about the best practice guidelines and ratio of clients to access points (APs) that was used for the Cisco Live high density WLAN deployment.  Given the scope of the answer, I thought it made sense to post this follow up blog.  

I talked with Jim Florwick and Mir Alami, Cisco wireless Technical Marketing Engineers, who helped design and deploy the WLAN at Cisco Live 2011 as well as Joe Clarke, a Cisco Distinguished Services Engineer who was on the team managing the Cisco Live Network Operations Center (NOC). We discussed the challenges associated with setting up wireless for high density client usage at Cisco Live and for other large events.

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