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A Bet That’s Beating the Odds”>here

…ffic loads from video to collaborative applications. Slot machines, blackjack tables, and the sports betting all ride over Cisco networks and the applications that manage them are virtualized as a form of “server-based gaming”, giving the chain the ability to seamlessly change games to map to market intelligence 24 hours a day (i.e. customer trends, conferences and attendee demographics, shows and audience demographics, etc. ). Bryan…


Gaming Your Virtual Event

…ur virtual event? Some examples are: Quick format games Team based games Multi-platform games Role playing games In-depth alternate reality games What game schedule best helps meet the goals? Such as: Pre-event game activity Gaming only during the virtual event Post-event game activity There may be other questions to consider but these were the primary ones the Cisco Live team focused on when discussing games for our Cisco Live 2010 hybrid…


Gaming for the Enterprise

…risks Immediate feedback Hierarchy not being critical, i.e. flattened structure The key take away for me was that play is not the opposite of work. Some interesting statistics (according to the folks at Seriosity) on how the gaming generation may affect work success include: 40% believe MMO leadership approaches can improve the enterprise 50% say games have improved leadership 75% say game elements enhance work Some great examples for how gaming


Home Networking: Beyond the Basics

…thernet Bridge with Dual-Band (WET610N). Once connected to your existing wireless home network, you can use these devices to access premium content and free on-demand entertainment. 2. Internet gaming made easy! Connecting a gaming console to the Internet allows you to access exclusive content like new or classic videogames, and compete with players from around the  globe. Get your game on with the Wireless-N Broadband Router…


User Stories – Videoconferencing Professionals Group

…ed the OR to an auditorium, where doctors, students and visitors could see the 17 hour surgery and interact with other doctors, students and nurses. What a rush that was!!!” Dawn Meade: “This is really geeky, but gaming! We had a group of very close friends who played table-top RPG games (think D&D, but not that particular brand). Unfortunately, a couple of them had to move across the country for work and such. With some cleverly…