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Cracking Your Passwords With My Video Card.

…in –max argument dedicates systems resources. If you plan on using your CUDA machine for other stuff like gaming, surfing and work stuff, lower the max number accordingly. It’s different for every machine. For my 8600 card, 500 is dedicating max resources. I use 10 for everything else except gaming and truthfully with the demand gaming tugs on a video card I do not game (on that machine) when CUDA is Crackin’. With 1500+ hashes,…


The Internet is Booming in Latin America, Especially Among Younger Users

…ica in 2012, with Brazil alone adding 20 million users. A Youth Movement So let’s see… social networks, music, gaming. Based on these numbers, you might think that Latin American young people are the ones really driving Internet growth. And you’d be right. Among the worldwide population, users age 15-24 make up about 26 percent of Internet users. In Latin America, they’re 32.4 percent. And in Colombia and Venezuela, they’re approaching 50 percen…


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Growing up with Sensors and Smart Devices: How will the Internet of Everything Impact Our Children?

…ising generation with “gadgets and gizmos a-plenty.” From smartphone-controlled toy cars and educational motion gaming, to kid-friendly 3D printers  and coloring book tablets. The Internet of Everything is truly creating a whole new world focused on fun, efficiency and innovation. How do you think connected technology will affect future generations at home, school, work and play? Let us know in the comments section below….


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When IoE Gets Personal: The Quantified Self Movement!

…rete goals and quantifying progress, people drive their own success. And by co-opting some of the techniques of gaming, Quantified Self introduces one of the greatest motivators of all, fun. The Quantified Self presents enterprises with important lessons and opportunities. For starters, business leaders need to understand that most employees naturally want to get better at their jobs and be more productive and knowledgeable. To some extent, enter…


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MS Detours: Ongoing vigilance keeps customers on the right track.

…nd x64 platforms. It is sold for commercial use to various vendors that build products ranging from security to gaming applications. Detours is often injected into most or all of the processes, either system-wide or in the context of the logged in user. The most common way this is done is through the AppInit_Dlls registry value. Because the injection is typically applied to a large number of processes running under various permissions, extra care…


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