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5 Tips to Becoming a “Savvy” Social Media Marketer

…icipant’s moment of achievement and rewards a behavior. Caroline Dangson, Producer at Badgeville, shared that, “gaming can come in different forms.” Find out what motivates your audience to build out your gaming structure. Cisco has integrated gamification principles internally to motivate participation in their social media training program. The training program was built to align with the business objective of increasing internal social brand a…


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Rewarding Innovation: VNI Service Awards Wants Your Story

…Share Your Story  We are looking for stories about how you have used network services such as mobile video and gaming, video conferencing, SMS, and social networking. Whether you own a business, manage a non-profit, or involved in community services, we want to hear from you. If you are a business who develops solutions, or an individual using these services your story can help educate and inspire others. We want to hear how your creativity and…


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Expanding Mobility with Community Wi-Fi: 40% of Consumers Regularly Connect to the Internet in a Friend’s Home

…number of smartphones and half again as many tablets as other mobile users. Nearly a quarter of them own mobile gaming devices, compared with 15 percent of the rest of the survey’s population. Clearly, community Wi-Fi users are an attractive segment for broadband and mobile SPs — they are young, employed, affluent, and willing to pay for mobile services. They are also far more likely than others to use public Wii-Fi hotspots. Developing a Winning…


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Shared Value: Amplifying the Success of a Business and Its Community

…culum supports a broad range of STEM education goals, including increased student engagement through the use of gaming and simulation, better 21st century career skills, and enhanced teacher expertise. These are skills that will create a more innovative, socially aware workforce. True shared value, according to Porter and Kramer, “is integral to a company’s profitability and competitive position. It leverages the unique resources and…


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Client Adoption for 802.11ac Wireless Technology

…e have been a number of consumer devices such as home routers, bridges, a selection of USB clients and a single gaming oriented laptop that are offering support for the new 802.11ac specification. With HTC’s announcement of 802.11ac support for their HTC One smartphone, we would expect others to follow suit in the near future, setting the stage for the first series of devices to bring integrated 802.11ac to market sometime in CY13. As these devic…


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