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The Cisco TelePresence SX Series – adding TelePresence to every screen″

We have a little problem at Cisco: not enough TelePresence. This may sound strange since Cisco IT has installed over 1600 TelePresence endpoints already, which gives us about one TelePresence unit for every 50 employees. Utilization of these units is still greater than 60% worldwide (and some are in private offices or homes, which drives up utilization in the shared units). This means that it’s hard to find an available TelePresence room near yo…


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#CiscoPublicSafety Series: Fire Departments Improve Training with Telepresence

…communities. Virtual technology for enhanced training sessions The LAAFCA decided to use the grant to invest in telepresence, or video conferencing, technology to help them meet their financial and training goals. Telepresence was scalable and could be manipulated to fit the needs of the different-sized fire departments in the county. With HD cameras, microphones, speakers, and lighting, the video systems would allow one highly-qualified instruct…


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Cisco Partner Summit Day 2: The Pace of Change

…rned in the last 18 months at Cisco.” Rowan went on to explain how the incredible technology of the Cisco TelePresence SX10 Quick Set provides amazing quality at an affordable price. When Rowan first started at Cisco, he wanted to meet with all of his team members individually, which he thought would require traveling. That was before he used Cisco’s TelePresence technology and realized what an incredible experience it was – he could collab…


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From Durham to Kilimanjaro: Connected Learning with IoE

…ted to making connected learning seamless with a number of technologies, the most prominent of which is Cisco’s TelePresence. TelePresence extends the power of in-person collaboration, allowing users to experience next-generation video conferencing and information sharing. A great example of TelePresence at work is the partnership established between the Duke University School of Medicine in Raleigh-Durham, NC and the Kilimanjaro Christian Medica…


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A Few of my Favorite Things: Video and the Internet of Everything

…is starting to be able to bring more people, things and traditions together through immersive mobile video and telepresence experiences. Video Drives Experiences Gone are the days of trying to capture memories with old-school video cameras. New waves of cloud-based, mobile, and video applications and machine-to-machine connections are documenting our lives in cool new ways. These are much more useable and sharable, and fun. These applications an…


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