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What I learnt at Data Centre Day in EMEAR …

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend the first Cisco Data Centre (DC) Day held in EMEAR. On an unusually sunny but cold morning at Bedfont Lakes, we saw customers collect their registration packs and take their seats, curiously waiting for the day to begin.

From the kick-off, the theme was evident – the need for companies to be (technologically and culturally) faster in order to remain relevant and successful, as we all strive to become digitised. With this digital disruption, there’s a big emphasis on the role of the Data Centre and Cloud in making that journey. DC day was focused on sharing what we’re doing inside Cisco, as we ourselves move towards this notion of digitisation.

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Cisco Live Berlin – I am ready to rock, are you?!?

Cisco Live Milan last year was my first exposure to a Cisco Live event since I joined Cisco IT nine years ago. It was by far the most impactful and empowering technology event I have ever participated in.

Watching the eagerness, enthusiasm and anticipation of the thousands of attendees who come through the gates of MiCo Milan on the first morning; was inspirational.  The attendees waiting excitedly at registration had the same shine in their eyes as children waiting in line to enter Disney World. And Cisco Live Milan did not disappoint.

The participants enthusiasm was contagious and got me so excited to present my three Cisco on Cisco sessions.

Cisco Live Berlin 2016 is just days away, and I am really looking forward to meeting and engaging with the participants at the Cisco on Cisco booth, at the IT Management program, and at my Cisco on Cisco COCDCT-2002 session where I’ll be sharing with you Cisco IT’s cloud based IT as a Service (ITaaS) transformational program and strategy.

Though Milan was great, Berlin will be SPECTACULAR!  More attendees, more technical sessions, more opportunities to engage with Cisco experts, and all taking place in the incredible city of berlin and at one of the best locations in Europe, the phenomenal Messe Berlin events center.

As you can see, I am energized and excited!

See you at Cisco Live Berlin… let the countdown begin!

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Meet the Cisco Live Berlin Millennial Team!

Hello! Meet the Cisco Live Berlin Millennial Team from the IT Management Track.  We will be joining you in Berlin to be inspired by cutting edge insights into how IT is transforming our world. We look forward to meeting all for you at Cisco Live!

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Cisco Live Berlin 2016 Pre-Event Perspective

This year’s Cisco Live event in Berlin (Feb 15th – 19th) is the first time visiting the historical city to host our eagerly anticipated customer and partner event. It also happens to be the first time I have traveled to Germany. With the event fast approaching the excitement around the office is suitably building as are my personal nerves for such an important event.

I am fortunate enough to attend Berlin as my second Cisco Live event after attending Milan in 2013 as a Millennial in the IT Management track. I was amazed at the content shared from Cisco and partners as well as the on-going participation from within the room. This year I will be joining a strong Cisco IT team on our booth within the World of Solutions, with an excellent opportunity to engage directly with our customers. These interactions will share how we are leveraging our own technology to support Cisco’s growing business. The floor is very atmospheric with thousands of technology enthusiasts and I cannot wait.

Intelligent Proximity on Collaboration Devices, Connected Lighting, Smart Spaces, Internet of Things, Security and Application Centric Infrastructure are just some of the experiences awaiting for you on the IT booth. These insights supply a handful of the information available at the entire event.

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Cisco IT’s User Experience Playbook: Shared Goals and Accountability

When we talk about user experience (UX), we raise the importance of better UX design and a better user interface, along with the ability for us to make UX pervasive. What we’re really trying to establish, the bottom line, is a cultural change as to how we approach these priorities. How can we make pervasive UX part of our DNA and embed it in our operating model, enable innovation through continuous delivery in a way that surprises and delights our clients? In Cisco IT, we created a User Experience Playbook with the following five chapters:

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