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Eric Calhoun

Eric joined Cisco in 2006 as a Sales Business Development Manager for the Solutions Sales Acceleration Team (SSAT) in the US Service Providers sales group, and has been successful in selling network management applications to service providers across tier 1 through tier 3 segments. In 2011, Eric accepted a Sr. Business Development Manager position in NMTG (Network Management Technology Group), where he focused on sales enablement across Public Sector, Enterprise and Commercialmarket segments.

Prior to Cisco, Eric came from Agilent Technologies, where he worked in the NETeXPERT OSS Division since 2000. Eric was most recently the Director of Marketing for this division, where he oversaw product direction, marketing strategies, business development, training and vision for NETeXPERT's service management, service assurance (fault/performance) and service fulfillment (activation/discovery) solution lines. NETeXPERT's install base includes many of the world's top tier service providers, including Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, BellSouth, Telmex and Telefonica (Brasil) in the Americas. Previous to that, Eric was responsible for global business development for the same division.

Prior to Agilent, Eric held product management and marketing positions at several high-tech companies, spanning telecommunications, service provisioning, enterprise applications,networking, remote access and e-commerce. Eric holds a Bachelor’s in Commerce degree in finance & economics from McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

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