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Building in Security from the Ground Up with The Cisco Secure Development Lifecycle”>video

…opment Lifecycle (Cisco SDL) to ensure that security is central through the entire product development process. CSDL is a repeatable and measurable process we’ve designed to fortify the resiliency and trustworthiness of our offerings, allowing our customers to deploy high-quality products that they can trust. Cisco SDL utilizes many industry standards and best practices, including ISO certification as part of our development processes. ISO certif…


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Comment on Der Spiegel articles about NSA TAO Organization (UPDATE 2)

…rustworthy_systems/index.html Cisco Secure Development Lifecycle: Cisco Security Advisories, Responses and Notices: Cisco Security Vulnerability Policy: Cisco Blogs on Security and Cryptography…


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2014: A Look Ahead

…lso look back at 2013 as the year that we made internal compliance with the Cisco Secure Development Lifecycle (CSDL) process a stop-ship-grade requirement for all new Cisco products and development projects. By way of a coming attraction, Cisco will report 2013 trends and 2014 outlooks when we release our Annual Security Report (ASR) in January. I can’t give away any spoilers, but the ASR provides a warts-and-all analysis of this year’s security…


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SecCon 2013: Global and Local

SecCon is our internal security conference, which for the past five years has taken place live in San Jose. Many industry recognized experts  over the years have graced the stage, and the security community at Cisco looks forward to each December where we gather together to network  and  learn  about the new threats that face our products.  In past years, remote sites around the globe were linked into San Jose, sharing part of the speaker line-u…


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Security Features vs. Securing Features

…ring the design lifecycle. Microsoft’s Secure Design Lifecycle and Cisco’s Secure Design Lifecycle (CSDL) have many similar elements, but each are tailored to the development processes in each company. Both are a set of actions, tools, and processes aligned to various stages in the design lifecycle. They have the goal of ensuring that secure software designs are created, turned into secure code, and tested to ensure a secure product….


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