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Public Safety Blog Series-The Best of the Best in Community Policing

“Community policing is central to the success of the police mission.”

                                                                                             IACP President Craig T. Steckler

Every year dating back to 1998, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Community Policing Committee has recognized and awarded the best community policing practices of agencies around the world with the Community Policing Award from IACP and Cisco.


Entries are awarded in five population categories and judged on innovative ideas that utilize the power of community policing in order to ultimately make our communities safer. And the agencies seem to raise the bar every year with best-in-class initiatives that give a whole new meaning to the concept of protect and serve.

The 2013 winners and finalists, honored last week during the IACP Conference, were no different in raising that bar even higher, and they are now officially among those leading the way through community oriented policing and the implementation of innovative strategies. As Todd A. Miller, Mankato, MN director of public safety and chairperson of the Community Policing Committee explains, “The philosophy of community policing is more relevant and necessary today than ever before, and the agencies selected this year demonstrate the importance of the community oriented policing philosophy in solving problems and enhancing service.”

Award table

And this leads me to this year’s awards.

The 2013 IACP Community Policing Award winners and finalists are…


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What Moving to the Cloud Means for Healthcare Organizations

This marks the 32nd year I’ve worked in healthcare. It doesn’t seem like very long ago that I worked as a registered nurse, caring for critically ill patients. Although I’m no longer working at a patient’s bedside, today’s healthcare organizations continue to put patient care first – starting with transformation in healthcare technology.

HealthcareDue to increased digitization of patient data and increased collaboration among insurance providers and doctors, IT innovation and integration in healthcare is on the rise.  A new survey from Black Book shows that economic factors and government regulations are beginning to nudge independent physician practices to the cloud.

As more move to the cloud, the recent package of HIPAA changes known as the “final omnibus rule” clarifies the legal framework for healthcare organizations to work with cloud services, as David F. Carr highlighted in his recent article in Information Week.

This is a fundamental shift for healthcare organizations that could set precedent for other industries like education, financial services and government. Are you ready for it? Read More »

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Education and the Internet of Everything: Live Update from the IoT World Forum

We’re here at the Internet of Things World Forum with over 800 delegates in a very wet Barcelona. This morning, Chris Yapp eloquently introduced the uses and potential uses for IoT in education and Jane Alexander blew us away with the innovations at the Cleveland Museum of Art in Gallery One in the first of three education-focused workshops. I was left with a wealth of ideas about how IoT can really engage learners in innovative, authentic and relevant ways.

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WHIPTAIL + UCS = peanut butter + chocolate


pumpkin_face4Back on September 10th, Cisco announced the intent to acquire WHIPTAIL and today I’m excited to report to our Data Center blog readers that the acquisition has been completed!

Paul Perez has laid out Cisco’s vision for this technology and the crucial role that solid-state memory plays in the next evolution of UCS.   If you haven’t already seen his post, it’s well worth a read to understand where we’re heading with this.  As he points out in an earlier treatise on UCS, adaptability is the wellspring of sustained advantage.   The integration of WHIPTAIL’s innovative application acceleration technology into the computing fabric of UCS is a perfect example of this principle at work; all made possible by an architecture founded on the concept of a unified control plane with an open API.

So what are we adapting to by adding this technology to UCS?

  1. Customers need applications to run faster
  2. They need IT infrastructure to be reliable, efficient, and above all, easy to operate

The first one is (almost) the easy part: it’s common knowledge that solid-state memory moves faster than a scalded ape*.  Rolling that kind of energy into the environment in a way that avoids complexity and preserves operational efficiency is what elevates value to customers.

I’ve had the pleasure of starting work with Max Riggsbee, and he related to me that a large part of WHIPTAIL’s success is rooted in manageability.   I’m paraphrasing here, but the essence of his comment was “customers don’t want a variety of technologies in the data center, they want a variety of capabilities.”  In their architecture, you can see how WHIPTAIL understands that customers want to be able to manage application acceleration technology, on the fly, to create the right blend of speed, capacity and cost efficiency to meet the needs of the business in real time.   The ability to marshal infrastructure and data, in a way that empowers real time decision-making creates competitive advantage.

If that concept, one of centrally managing high performance resources as fungible pools that can be allocated in an application-centric way, sounds familiar, you now understand what a great addition WHIPTAIL technology makes to Unified Computing.  By deeply integrating an application acceleration tier into a unified system we can achieve both of the requirements above and set our customers up do things we haven’t even imagined yet.  IWT blogt’s like getting the trick and the treat this Thursday.

Dan Crain expands on this in a video interview today, marking the close of the acquisition and what is yet to come.   The Data Center team here at Cisco is really excited about what this is going to mean for our customers and how it contributes to our pace of innovation.  Welcome WHIPTAIL!!


*no apes were harmed in the writing of this blog

CMX plays an important role in the Internet of Things at IoT World Forum in Barcelona


I have the privilege of attending the Internet of Things (IoT) World Forum in Barcelona. The event brought in global executives across multiple industries, all with the common goal of using the network to connect ‘things’ and increase operational efficiencies. Here are some of the highlights: 

Smart City Tour

One of the most popular break out sessions at the IoT World Forum has been the Smart+Connected City Tour throughout the old city of Barcelona. Having blogged about the Connected Boulevard project in Nice, France earlier this year, it’s very exciting to see another city make a great leap forward in marrying the city with technology.

The tour took groups of delegates from the conference venue to the old Gothic part of the city with various demonstrations along the way. Within this tour many different aspects of a connected city were demonstrated, showing the potential for the CMX solution to both the citizens and city workers alike. Read More »

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