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You Business Moves With You

- May 20, 2007 - 1 Comment

“œEvery day sees humanity more victorious in the struggle with space and time.” Guglielmo MarconiThis week we are bringing a new, expanded view of business mobility to the marketplace. Traditionally, mobility’s chasm was a cell phone: most people defined mobility by the device they carried. While devices play a key role in how mobility can be experienced, mobility is more than cell phones or smart phones. It is more than wireless networks. It is more than voice applications or satellite communications. Business Mobility is being about to interact, to complete, to experience:- collaboration among people, – insight into data and processes, and – awareness and utilization of assets (people or things) These are capabilities tthat you would have when you are in the office, when, simply you are not -whether you are moving around your office/campus, are on the go, at home or half way around the world. Business Mobility is about the experience of business when you are not in the office. It is about experience not devices.The great thing about mobility is how its removes the obstacles to communications derived by time and space — it is, in Tom Friedman’s words, “the great sterioid.” One of the forces that flatten the world. But mobility is an innately human property. From birth, as soon as we can move, we crawl on all fours. We move across geographic, education, cultural, social and economic planes on a regular basis (someday we might actually teleport, across time and space). And when someone violates the rules of most societies, what do we do? We incarcerate them, hence immobilizing them.The changing nature of business is driving business decision makers to adopt, to drive mobility in their businesses. Some key factors include:- Large distributed global work forces, suppliers and customers- The nomadic nature of much work- Requirements for business continuity due to natural and man-made disasters- The green movement driving us all to travel less, burn less fossil fuelAnd most significantly, the changing work force drives mobility, The Mobility Generation that I have blogged about previously is changing the nature of work, of collaboration of when, where and how they work. In a business environment where there is a worldwide talent shortage, attracting and retaining talent, is a sine qua non for successful enterprises of all sizes. ( In addition, we are introducing the Mobility Quotient today: The Mobility Quotient baselines readiness to support today’s mobile workforce in order to perform their job, no matter where they are – within the office, at home or on the go.Cisco, working collaboratively with partners across the spectrum -application partners, system integrators, service provider partners, reseller partners — is launching a new vision of mobility: one where you business moves with you, where rich collaboration is the starting point. An experience where technologies are designed to work together to support mobility -including wired and wireless networks, unified communications and security -where are baked in, not bolted on. It is a mobility play where services in the network such as location, identity, security, presence and device status are enablers of customer business processes. It is a mobility play where rich APIs (e.g., SOAP, XML) open the network for mobile business. And it was developed collaboratively, both within Cisco and with partners across the spectrum.We drove mobility with a top down vision of how businesses work, then created solutions, and drove products to meet those needs. We did not start with a smartphone and said, define mobility around “this.”We also learned in a collaborative, Web 2.0, Mobile world, sometimes we would take the technology market, sometimes we would follows others leads. In industries like Retail and Oil and Gas, key technology and integration partners led and we followed. In other, horizontal collaboration mobility plays, we led the dance and asked partners to join us to richen the experience. You do not have to visit our booth at Interop this week to lean about Cisco’s Business Mobility focus. You can tune into our Webcast or Second Life press conference from the show floor this Tuesday. There are a range of podcasts, VODs, press releases, white papers, and web links to allow you share our mobility experience wherever you, on any device, across any network, at any time. Details can easily be found at: as John Mayer sings”One day our generationIs gonna rule the populationSo we keep on waitingWaiting on the world to change”Wait No Longer. Now Business Mobility Changes Everything.

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