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Wlcm 2 d HNK

- December 8, 2006 - 6 Comments

Wlcm 2 d HNKhEr Mobility wiL chAng how we communicate.LOLMobility changes evrytingTWT whether we ll comnC8 dis wA bt we ll knw ttttAs d mobility gNR8N enters d wrk 4SCMIIWu myt sA Im %-),ppl r gunA stop spkg n ryTN n sentences?Im :-Kwel, d ability 2 comnC8 n real tym, W msngr clients, smrt fons n cmputAs S changiN d nature of lang, cr8ing a wrld of messengeristsn biz wl nvr B d same:@f u cn msg, yr biz cn mve w/u;(f I cn lern it, so cn utym 2 TCOBAnd now, the translation: Welcome to the human network.Here Mobility will change how we communicateLOLMobility changes everythingTime will tell whether we all communicate this wayBut we all know these things take timeAs the mobility generation enters the work forceCall me if I am wrongYou might say I am confused,People are going to stop speaking and writing in sentences?I am puzzledWell, the ability to communicate in real time, with messenger clients, smart phones and computers is changing the nature of language, creating a world of messengeristsAnd business will never be the sameIt’s true If you can message, your business can move with youChin upIf I can learn it, so can youTime to take care of business

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  1. Here is a list of comments that I received in emailI could only do about 80% w/out translation.The hic-cups:TWT, HNK, gNR8N, etc.Good, interesting thoughts though on the approach!I was able to read most of it but wouldn't want to. The amount of type space looks about the same if you look at the top and bottom translated, although it really isn't and is somewhat shorter. So not sure what the real gain is. I know you will lose the elderly which will become the largest audience over the next 20-30 years and I don't know if anyone is taking that in2 consideration. :)If you mix line 10 & 12 together it says something about stop spanking the messenger""Well that was educational for me. Thank you! It is the future and a guarantee, but I do worry about a generation that does not know how to communicate in proper English and some aspect of it being lost forever.I got about 80% of it. I am already so afraid of how my two year olds are going to be so much more adept at technology than I am! One of their favorite words is "" Cell phone! Cell phone!"" Im :-K ;-)Looks like the text messages I get from my daughter who's a freshman in high school. Half the time I need to get my younger daughter to help me translate!!!I can only read some of it...don't know all of the acronyms I didn't know this right away: CMIIWVry fnE :D."

  2. I think the less than sign broke my happy holidays emoticon. To try again.*<|:- D

  3. Hey, Alan. Here's a timely one:*Hey, Alan. Here's a timely one:*<|:- D(Happy Holidays!)

  4. This type of language ISN'T an excuse . I'm pretty sure kids can type faster on our cell phones than any other age group. It's just more convenient and allows you to communicate faster.

  5. Kids just need to learn to type faster on cell phones. There's no excuse for this type of language to carry over into the business world. I understand that language is a fluid, evolving thing, and while using lol or :) smilies may be appropriate to indicate mood in an email, when my business finally looks to hire its second employee, and a kids resume reads like this, it's in the trash.When typewriters came out, people didn't use this type of language, they figured out how to type.Nice post though!

  6. gos...i gas i hv a lot 2 learn. e thum gen freaks e hell out of me