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Wi-Fi Cars, Tools, and Shopping Carts – Changing The Way We Do Business

March 15, 2007 - 0 Comments

In keeping with Matt Glenn’s ‘car themed’ blogs (1, 2) last week – here’s an example of an implementation of Wi-Fi with cars……Newsweek’s March 5th article titled”Marketing: Ads Made for You“.This article describes how individuals, zipping by in their cars, can activate a billboard to display messaging that is personalized just for them. This is made possible by a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag on the car that is detected by a wireless infrastructure that includes location services. The article goes on to talk about using RFID in supermarkets to push out advertising to shopping carts based on their location within the store. RFID is changing the way we run businesses, communicate, and track items, events, and people….RFID is gaining momentum among businesses and consumers — and not just for shopping carts, billboards, and cars. An RFID tag can be put on anything – parts, tools, pallets, wheelchairs, machinery, file folders, artwork, heavy equipment, store inventory, office projectors, and even babies in a healthcare environment. As wireless access is deployed pervasively -indoors and outdoors -adding location services and RFID tags will enable businesses to:- Track the movement of any RFID or Wi-Fi enabled item- Reduce the costs associated with lost, stolen, or misplaced items- Send information where and when it’s needed based on a Wi-Fi device’s location- Quickly find the closest person during an event – Gain revenue through advertising or specialized services based on a user’s locationWould I sign up to have a billboard display personalized advertising to me on my morning commute to Cisco? Sure -if there are discount coupons involved. You can track me -just make sure that it’s a good deal for both of us.

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