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What’s Your Mobilty IQ?

May 22, 2007 - 1 Comment

It’s natural to blend our two lives -work and personal. Who hasn’t shopped for a Christmas gift at work, or downloaded a song. And likewise, who hasn’t spent time at home working in the evenings -the tradeoff for leaving early one afternoon to meet a friend or see a child’s school program. So it’s not surprising then to see that mobility technologies have made their way into the workplace in a substantial way. A new survey, the Cisco Mobility Quotient, of businesses around the globe reveals what many of us live every day: that mobility is a part of human life, and we’ve brought it into the workplace whether IT likes it or not. Wireless LAN usage is at 65%, while the majority also report that laptops and smart phones have been deployed.What is also not surprising – viewed from both sides -is that this so far has been primarily a reactive trend. Proactive mobility strategies are non-existent in over 60% of those surveyed. As an end user, it’s frustrating to not get access to the type of capabilities I can have at home -such as using the wireless LAN capability in my smartphone over the business wireless network. And I can sympathize as well with those running IT organizations -inundated by the number of new technologies and the new threats that they can bring to the business. At Interop and in Second Life, Cisco will be showcasing a broad array of mobility solutions and introducing new ones tailored to industry requirements. Each industry, each business, has their own specific objectives which mobility can play a key role in addressing. Learn more at that embrace mobility despite the challenges can gain significant business advantage. Also hear tomorrow from one industry leader, Robert Kos, VP of Information Technology at Barnes and Noble as he discusses the breadth of enterprise mobility solutions they are using and how they improve the customer experience. You can tune in live from Interop at 10:30 AM PST to Your Business Moves with You: Cisco Mobility Solutions, or catch a replay anytime you like at the same URL.Catch the webcast, and perhaps hear something that might inspire a new way to use mobility for your business.

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  1. this is one the tool which was awaited several decade ago, this is something makes CIO and support team benfit at a time in most of the terms of of data/voice/video information and ecryption is something going around in my mind..i will read through the documentation provided but i hardly see anywhere mentioned about security.. would appreciate if anybody could update the same..