Video mail 2 ways: Video and typed

April 27, 2007 - 4 Comments

Video Mail? Let’s give it a shot. This is a Mail to you Alan Cohen, and anyone else who might bother to check this blog out. In case you’ve missed it, Alan Cohen and I have been having it out about the viability of video mail. I recently realized that bandwidth, as an excuse, is going away with regard to why we don’t video email one another, but I couldn’t figure out why we don’t use it more. I wanted to send a video email to my girlfriend, but realized we just can’t do it. I thought about it and then asserted that video email won’t happen for a few reasons. First is cost – mobile operators generally want to charge money for a service that chews up their bandwidth. There is only so much money floating around out there and services, like video are costly when it comes to bandwidth. I had a comment from Japan talking about NTT doing video email already. The second is application integration. I don’t have video email in my Microsoft Outlook application, so that is generally an inhibitor. Since making this assertion, I realized that applications are becoming increasingly web centric, and less desktop centric. If we fuse You-tube with email – voila! this issue goes away – so I’ll say I’m wrong (or potentially wrong) on this point. Finally was sociology. I’m posting the words to this blog, I’ll let the readers post which way they preferred to receive the information that I’m conveying. Alan believes that etiquette is changing, which will also change people’s philosophy with regard to sending and receiving video email. I can tell you that I’m probably more dressed up to give this talk than I normally am at work. So I’m not sure if appearance of the speaker is the issue. I also believe that with the emergence of Web 2.0, people are moving toward less formalized communications – as evidenced by Web 2.0. I’ll leave it up to our readers to decide what they like better.

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  1. I have recently tried a video mail system called It is basically a email full service email system that uses video. It was very easy and fun to use. I sent my mom a video email about borrowing some money for my car. I was able to show her the dents in my car that were caused by a guy who hit me while I was parked. It is a great tool. Oh yeah my mom let me borrow the money because she was able to view the damages from my video mail. Pretty cool

  2. well.. do we really like to see each other when we are mailing? occassionally may be yes or to find out how it works, and also may be while working abroad may trigger to use the same.. but i don’t see much benefit or value added into the corporate leve, where outlook/notes users passing the information and mail confirmation is more important than the presence..

  3. Matt, how many times do you re-write a single sentence or paragraph in your blog entries? Simple to do in text, video…. well not so much. I think thats the LARGEST issue i see. And on a off note, how many times did you have to re-shoot this video?

  4. Complete….you should circulate this video to everyone working in wifi, cellular and mobility companies. Also, send it to the appropriate business units within Cisco and the field organizations to share with them your ideas. It will shed some light… Another power of video is the fact that you can archive it for posterity’s sake. I would believe video over any email thread anyday. Anymore beacons of light that you think we should be exploring? Thanks for the great ideas.