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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Cisco OfficeExtend for Teleworking Situations: Working from Home has Never Been Easier

- November 7, 2012 - 2 Comments

Hurricane Sandy forced millions of people to stay at home last week, leaving many corporations at a loss as to how to keep their employees working from home. While this was an anomaly for many desk workers on the East Coast, it brought the growing teleworking trend into the spotlight. Many workers today work remotely for some part of the week, whether at home or on the road, and with the explosion of BYOD trends and collaboration tools making it easier to do work outside of the traditional office space, remote working will continue to grow. Based on this, it’s increasingly important for enterprises to deploy a network that can address these growing trends of workers working any place, anytime, with any device.

The Cisco OfficeExtend 600 solution helps enterprises provide remote workers with anytime connectivity by extending wireless and wired corporate network access to workers’ homes and remote office locations.  The OfficeExtend solution, built on highly secure tunneling to the corporate network, effectively mirrors the user experience and collaboration a worker would have in a corporate office. With OfficeExtend, an employee in a home or remote office has the flexibility to have a single 802.11n Dual-Radio Access Point in the home that can accommodate personal networking activities, all while securing corporate network access as well.

OfficeExtend is not an overlay solution—it extends the corporate WLAN to the remote office, while still allowing the enterprise IT staff to centrally manage, maintain, and secure the teleworking environment. As a component of the Cisco Enterprise Wireless solutions portfolio, OfficeExtend is governed by Cisco Unified Access across policy, management, and network from the network core to the teleworker.  This allows enterprises to utilize their same Cisco Prime NCS management solution, Wireless LAN controllers & Identity Services Engine they are using for their corporate or campus environment to manage the OfficeExtend solution.  There’s no need for investment in a separate overlay solution to manage remote workers.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Cisco OfficeExtend for Teleworking Situations

  1. Ensure continuity of operations: Workers can work from home or from remote locations during bad weather, disasters, or pandemic outbreaks. Hurricane Sandy is a recent example of thousands of workers forced to stay in the safety of their homes. Winter is right around the corner, and in many areas of the world, the next few months will bring snow and ice, forcing workers to stay off the roads and work from home. In these situations, OfficeExtend could help them easily connect to the corporate network and seamlessly work from home.
  2. Easy to use. You won’t believe how easy it is to set up the OfficeExtend in your home or remote office. You simply plug the device into your home router, plug in the power cord, and within minutes you’re up and running with full access to the corporate network.  Throw in a collaboration device such as a wired or wireless Cisco IP Phone and there’s even more services available to the worker.
  3. Improve workforce efficiencies: Teleworking can provide a return on investment (ROI) from increased productivity and work schedule flexibility as well used for recruiting and retaining top talent.
  4. Reduce costs:In many cases, the ROI from deploying OfficeExtend includes real estate savings through office consolidation and reduced energy consumption.
  5. Green Benefits: Teleworking helps reduce your company’s carbon footprint.  Not to mention the energy savings to the worker for reduced traveling to and from work locations.

Teleworking isn’t just a last resort for corporations in the face of disaster, it’s a growing trend that’s only getting stronger as collaborative technologies such as WebEx and BYOD emerge and become the norm. Cisco OfficeExtend provides the user experience to today’s teleworker & remote workers — seamlessly, reliably, and securely.

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  1. Bruce, You raised some fantastic points, especially on the recent hurricane and winter challenges. Canadian would understand winter challenges well enough. I strongly believe in Cisco product but sometimes when I mention Cisco solutions to some clients they're like "huh, I ain't that technical" So it's great to see Cisco has such Go-To-Market products. Would have been nice to pep-up this article with a picture of this OfficeExtend.

    • Richard, Thanks for the reply. This product was purposely designed for ease of setup for the end-user - who, as you accurately mentioned, in some cases may not be that "technical". For a picture check out the link to the datasheet that is at the end of the blog. -Bruce