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The Wi-Fi World is Flat

- March 31, 2006 - 0 Comments

In his best selling book, Tom Friedman of the New York Times wrote “And now the icing on the cake, the ubersteroid that makes it all mobile: wireless. Wireless is what will allow you to take everything that has been digitized, made virtual and personal, and do it from anywhere.”We see wireless becoming that “ubersteroid” for networking, helping network managers to provide a range of mobility services to end users, including location/presence services, real-time unified communications (voice, messaging, chat, etc.), and identity-services (based on who you are)As Chris Kozup noted in the inaugural blog, wireless is the underpinning of mobility. Mobility is the new expectation of business, and to a certain extent, societies at large. Lest this sound like hyperbole, consider what mobility means to people, not concepts:- Accessing information in real time where ever they are- Completing interactions and transactions in real-time- Creating virtual workrooms and communities on the fly (for more on this, see John Seely Brown’s comments on the entrance of gamers into society are all into mobility. Upwards mobility in our careers. Being unchained from our desks. Removing restrictions from business based on geography or time of day (check out the post time…let’s hope I was not in California!). We’re talking about a society transacting and interacting in motion. This means things happen FAST and the end user is in control of EVERYTHING. This is business riffing, in motion, to an iPOD and not to the component stereo at home. Mobility means business is moving to our fingertips (and ears and mouths) as we move.And wireless is the force in networking that is taking us there. Alan

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