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The Translation is Cool

May 24, 2006 - 0 Comments

The land of the rising sun has long been admired by the rest of the world for its innovation and relentless focus on improvement. The world has followed Japan’s lead and embraced cultural phenomena like sushi, anime and those astoundingly funny reality game shows that seem to border on lunacy. But perhaps one of the most envied of all Japanese hallmarks is their use of mobile technologies.Mobility is woven into every aspect of Japanese life. Businessmen access their email on the airport train into Tokyo. School girls swap pictures of their latest crush in lightening speed. Taxi drivers charge fearlessly through the maze that is Tokyo with the help of GPS.It seems fitting that a country with such an ingrained understanding of the benefits of wireless and mobility should also think up some pretty interesting wireless applications. Here is a taste of some of the more interesting applications I’ve encountered so far on this trip:1. Wireless video surveillance for the carriages of a Ferris wheel over 100 meters in diameter. Imagine the complexity of antenna design for a huge wheel that is continuously spinning!2. Performance monitoring for security guards. One customer wanted to use our wireless location tracking capabilities to ensure that night security guards were completing their patrols (as opposed to sitting and watching TV).3. Locating missing children in an amusement park. While there are some obvious liability concerns, location tracking could offer amusement parks an effective way of locating missing children, or even just service personnel.While just a sample, these applications show that the Japanese understand the value of wireless.Now let me close my laptop, lest this Teriyaki sauce jam up my keyboard.

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