The Human Network Really Is Changing How We Live

November 6, 2009 - 1 Comment


I’m writing this blog from the Emergency Room at Akron Children’s Hospital.  My 6 year old son Fritz has an eye infection, so he’s lying in bed watching Scooby Doo while we wait for his CT results.  My cell phone doesn’t have coverage in his room, but luckily the hospital has a Cisco wireless network, so I can keep in contact with my husband who is out of town on business.  He is in a remote part of West Virginia which doesn’t have great cellular coverage, but he can email and text from his iPhone.  We have 3 young children and I  know from experience that ER visits usually take 2-3 hours, so I brought my laptop just in case I have time to catch up on email.

My day started at 6:30am when Fritz woke up with his eye swollen shut.  My friend Michele is an ER doctor at Children’s Hospital, so I  called her on her cell to make sure she was on call and let her know we were on our way.  When we arrived they immediately sent us to a room where our contact information and insurance was submitted wirelessly.  Michele examined his eye and submitted the order for a CT scan. While we waited to be taken to the CT room our nurse Beth came in to insert Fritz’s IV.  She said Dr. Walsh told her to ask me about our Halloween Party.  Funny you ask, I have pictures right here. I pulled up my Facebook page and showed her pictures of Michele and I in our costumes at the party.

When Fritz and I went for his CT scan the technician asked Fritz if he plays computer games.  He loves, and was so excited when she gave him a Popsicle mouse for good behavior.  How times have changed…when I was a kid we got stickers for being good at the Doctors!

Michele came back with his CT results and said that he needed to be admitted for a few days so they could administer IV antibiotics.  Fritz was calmly watching Special Agent Oso so I continued to work on my email until we were moved to a room.  I received an email from my cousin Tom, the VP of Marketing and Advertising  for Armani Exchange.  He forwarded me a link to The Future of Shopping viral video that he received from Calence, a Cisco Partner asking me if I knew about the technology. I watched the video over the wireless network and responded back to his email.  I also made arrangements to meet with Tom for dinner while I am working at Interop in NYC the week of November 16th.


Once Fritz got settled into his room he fell asleep so I decided to take a few WebEx calls.  Our team reviewed a website and banner ad concepts for  I dialed in from Akron, Ohio and they called in from San Jose–one from the office and the other working from home.  We viewed the webpages live over WebEx and sent links back and forth over instant message.  When I got off the call I thought to myself I am living the “human network” experience.  Work is  an activity and not a “place” and it is changing the way we live. I sent emails to my friends and family letting them know about Fritz.  I continued to receive text messages, phone calls and emails throughout the day and my girlfriends arranged to make dinner for our family.  Technology may change the way we communicate with our family, friends and co workers, but one thing remains constant:  Good friends, family and co-workers are what get you through the speed bumps in life!

I’m in the office today finishing up this blog.  I just got an email update from my husband at the hospital: Sorry we missed your call.  We have been flying airplanes in the lobby.  Then we went to the activity room building a car, castle and birdhouse.  Billy and Lisa stopped by and dropped off toys.  We’re in the room watching Star Wars.

Things are looking up!  Fritz is well on his way to recovery and I now have a good story to tell at Interop.  Make sure you stop by to see me at Booth #221.  You can see all the cool technology that I’ve covered in this blog as well as a demonstration our new 802.11n access point. I’ll also give you an update on Fritz!

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  1. its really amazing internet will soon grab all networks and no doubt its network of networksRegardsAlex