The Beacons are lit – I can read them, but I can’t see ’em!

April 12, 2007 - 2 Comments

Alan… Alan… Alan…‘I could be bounded in a nut shell and count myself a king of infinite space’ with all of the wireless bandwidth options that I have.Just because people can, does not mean that people will use it! Have you ever heard of the Neiman Marcus Kitchen Computer? I just think about the movie Blade Runner. Harrison Ford had video mail, but I don’t! That’s what I’m looking for.Yes! I have heard of Docomo’s video mail service, but I don’t know how much traction it has. In my original post I said that the infrastructure is definitely there to do video-mail. In my mind there are a few issues:1) Cost – I want my video mail to reach me via the cheapest route, not the most expensive (i.e. if my provider is charging me by the bit and my WIFI is free, then I want WIFI). This also makes me not want to be provider dependent. 2) Application – Docomo’s solution is awesome… for Docomo and its subscribers, but what about for their non-subs? In my mind the application needs to be technology independent. I can receive email over a WIFI, CDMA, Ethernet, or (gasp) dial-up connection. I want my video mail to be the same. The application should be able to use any transport. See #1 above for how I want it to work. I’m not saying presence applications aren’t useful – they just tend to be real-time and often protocol dependent. 3) Etiquette – I’ve begun to wonder whether ‘it’s about time’ – meaning that you save time for your readers when you allow them to read your email rather than make them watch your email. As an experiment, I’m going to try to post a video blog and then write the same blog. We’ll let people decide which one they prefer….In 1979 the Buggles wrote the first song ever played on MTV: Video Killed the Radio Star. I want video mail to kill the email star.

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  1. i think video email would be pretty cool just like the next guy… The gf sending a message while away on a biz trip and so forth. However, in the email age”” i believe we have become accustomed to skimming through emails. Such as through the GF’s complaints about work and daily life, to look for the more juicy bits.Personally though i hope it does take off, as everything and anything spawns innovation.”

  2. So, if you are so critical of the Japanese market then can you please give me the percentage of users in Japan that are NTT Docomo users vs. Competitiors? Demographics (age/sex of these users) and market pentration rates of these services. Oh, and if you want to learn about videoblogging, then just look around the corner from your home. I do beleive that you stated in a previous blog that you live on 4th and Bryant in SF. There is a revolution happening right under your nose. They are hiring….catch up baby!