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The Nitty-Gritty of Cisco Hyperlocation

August 18, 2016 - 1 Comment

Have you ever wondered about Cisco Hyperlocation?  Want to know how it works?  Well, then you should check out the write up from the No Strings Attached Show.  We invited the hosts of the show, Blake Krone and Samuel Clements to our Over the Air Test Facility for a deep dive into Cisco Hyperlocation Technology.

Cisco Hyperlocation is our award winning Wi-Fi location technology, providing 1-3 meters of location accuracy, which is a tremendous accuracy improvement over traditional wi-fi RSSI based location.


Figure 1 The prototype progression of Cisco Hyperlocation hardware

Here’s a link to the write up, make sure you download the PDF or iBook, because that’s where you’ll find the interesting details!

It was a fantastic experience. We covered just about every facet of Hyperlocation.  Everything from the nitty-gritty of how the solution works, interviews with the RF gurus behind the technology, prototypes of the product at different stages of development, and of course we put Hyperlocation through its paces.  Testing its capabilities in several scenarios.  We even tracked a smartphone on a model train.


Figure 2 The crew testing Hyperlocation at the Cisco Over the Air Test Facility. L-R Wes Purvis, Blake Krone, Samuel Clements, Rahul Tiwari


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  1. Good article on the hyper-location and Cisco CMX. I’d love to see an accompanying piece on CMX Presence 10.2x and getting valid results for the actual number of visitors in a retail store vs passersby.