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That rabbit’s got a vicious streak. It’s a killer!

October 27, 2006 - 0 Comments

“That is not an ordinary rabbit … ’tis the most foul cruel and bad-tempered thing you ever set eyes on.” Monthy Python and the Holy GrailOK gentle readers, it’s Friday and we are closing in on Halloween. For your Wi-Fi weekend, I would offer up one of the strangest toys to hit he market, Nabaztag, the first smart (read Wi-Fi) rabbit. Recently introduced this RF bunny uses a Wi-Fi connection and text-to-speech software to read things like RSS, e-mails and weather reports out loud. reported in CNET and other sites, some Nabaztag users in France have created their own online community with a atmosphere in which they share photos of their smart rabbit and its environment. Nabaztag members apparently have been orchestrating flash-mob-type happenings. Up to 100 people often show up with smart rabbits in tow No only is this the first convergence device to blend unlicensed spectrum and Pokemon-like cuteness. Don’t take my word for it, check out the photo gallery on TechRepublic., I like Wi-Fi as much as the next RF nut, but this is a trick or treat must. Caveat emptor: it’s a $150 to play.Happy Halloween.

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