Pentagon Secure In Move Towards BYOD

September 5, 2012 - 0 Comments

Last week, it was announced that Cisco is launching “Public Sector BYOD Thursdays” in which you can expect Cisco subject matter experts to discuss the latest happenings relevant to Public Sector around the Bring Your Own Device trend (BYOD).

One of the main concerns often cited when it comes to adopting a BYOD strategy in the workplace is the ability to maintain tight security. With countless personal devices transmitting critical, confidential and sometimes classified data, BYOD environments demand structured protocols for device registration, policy control, communication transmissions and information sharing.

Developing these policies is completely doable, with the right processes and infrastructure in place. To watch the process in action, we can look to the Department of Defense (DOD), which on June 15 released its own mobile device strategy—a document that lays the groundwork for making secure employee mobility possible at the agency.  One of the goals in this mobile device strategy is to see if BYOD is feasible for wider adoption within the organization.

As employees continue to want to use their own devices for work, the Pentagon wants to move towards a BYOD culture both to stay relevant and cut costs, according to an article in GovPlace. Authorizing the use of commercially available devices saves the burdensome monetary and time expenses the DOD would incur if it developed its own hardware, the article said. But perhaps even more importantly, BYOD keeps the DOD current, with its employees using the same tools and cyber-communication strategies as enterprise, GovPlace noted. Incorporating these modern evolutions and emerging technologies is crucial to keeping the government on the same page as the population it serves and protects.

If the very agency that controls our nation’s security is ready to adopt a secure BYOD strategy, it seems the time has come for all areas of government to consider following suit. As we watch the republicans and democrats vying for the top office in the nation during the debates, we can reflect on what it’s like to be on the cutting edge of democracy … why not stay on the cutting edge of technology, too?

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 [n1]Link to Intro BYOD series post

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