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June 9, 2006 - 0 Comments

I had the opportunity to meet with a customer yesterday who was new to his organization, joining his company in a senior level position. He came from a competitor who had wireless in their offices but the new organization did not. Clearly he was going to do something about this. His top of mind concern was as an IT organization, he believed it would be difficult to recruit the best empolyees if they did not have a WLAN; fearing potential candidates would perceive them as luddites (my word choice). Naturally I agreed and continued on with a discussion of productivity, connected meetings, etc. He listened for awhile and then interrupted me to ask one of his team members to investigate how much money they could save on toner. Huh? With a WLAN and laptops they could eliminate (color) hard copy handouts that were routinely used for internal meetings. Payback –it’s never what you think.

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