Passing notes with paper airplanes and resilient MACs

November 8, 2007 - 0 Comments

Here’s the fact folks – I’m getting married… in three months. In order to ensure that I’m going to be an awesome husband, I’ve been going to marriage class. Unfortunately, sitting in class made me regress to my younger years when I spent time honing my airplane making skills.I don’t think it makes me a bad student, it just means that I’m one of the people that suffer from “Adult A-D-D”, which my Fiance finds somewhat amusing.Originally I was just passing notes to her, but then the instructor caught me and separated us (what’s up with our marriage instructor separating us)? So after we were separated I started making paper airplanes especially when the payload of one of my paper airplane ‘notes’ was destined for her. She giggled. The instructor didn’t. She took the paper away from me and I was left with no way to entertain Deborah (my fiance)… except for my cell phone in my pocket. I whipped it out and started texting her. Here’s what I wrote: “Aren’t I a loser for passing notes in marriage class.” I hit the send button and waited for her to react to the incoming message (She knew I was sending her a message).” To my surprise it took a few seconds – it was much slower than physically passing a note (packet) – it was even slower then throwing the paper airplane. It was then that I realized how ‘network like’ my stupidity was. When the physical layer link was interrupted, I chose another way of sending data. Each took a bit more time and they were progressively more costly (NOTE: as part of my personal GREEN initiative I only pass notes on recycled paper). What does this all mean? Well I’d like a solution that solves this problem transparently for a network connection. I’m tired of having to change network connections, having it change all the time, and then having to reconfigure them. I want a solution that is as reslient as I am.

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