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February 10, 2007 - 1 Comment

Dave Binetti asks: “I’ve seen these posts as well as others you’ve written on the concept of localization (like with the Stockholm subway project and RFID.) How do other technologies that are wireless and lower-power (like Zigbee) factor in to the equation? Do they stand a chance against ubiquitous WiFi? Or are things like 802.11n too power-hungry to get the job done alone?”It is a very good question.I think other wireless technologies clearly will play a role in the development of innovative applications and lowerpower approaches provide entries to an order of magnitude addition of new things (i.e., the Internet of Things) that are attached to both wired and wireless IP networks. The open question is 1. What is the timing for their mass commercialization2. What we can do to add them to the growing pervasive WLAN networks emerging all over the worldReaders, thoughts on innovation or other comapnies you have seen playing a role here?

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  1. Alan, Study the markets that these technologies were designed for. 11n is not suited for any of the applications that WSN's were created to address.