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Nature Will Find a Way: Security and Mobility

- May 31, 2007 - 1 Comment

One of our readers wrote in recently on the Mobility Quotient to ask about security.Actually, he was very prescient. Security is a top line issue for Mobility and came out strongly in the research. We found that most companies did not monitor their air space for wireless threats (e.g., rogue access points) and that many companies may have been out of compliance from a PCI/HIPPA or other regulatory perspective. In general, security, rather than cost, as an inhibitor to mobility initiatives, especially in large enterprises.Since mobility is about freedom, like in all societies or systems, you want the assurance you are moving securely. As devices become more personalized and smaller, there is a greater risk involved in losing them. It is a real problem.This is not a new argument, though.When IBM introduced the PC decades ago, IT administrators accustomed to mainframe or mini-computers were terrified about the transition from”green screens” and secure”glasshouses” to computers that could be easily moved off the premises. We know the result of that battle: as the Sam Neill character said in Jurassic Park:”nature found a way.”All of the solutions we have launched (not just in the past week) have both strong security and compliance approaches designed in — rather than bolted on. Stay tuned in this space for more debate on this subject.

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  1. Alan,Thanks for the post. Wireless has the ability to transform business and improve productivity, but as you mention, security is also an important factor. With enterprise networks often having thousands of wireless access points, having tools which can safely and easily monitor for security issues (such as rogue AP's) is paramount.