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My Life Online

September 29, 2006 - 1 Comment

Last week I received my long awaited Sony mylo (which stands for My Life Online, and is NOT CAPITALIZED), a personal communicator that used Wi-Fi rather than Cellular technologies to support its communications capabilities. The mylo, according to Sony’s marketing spiel, allows you to put the “entire world under your thumbs” (take that, Mick Jagger), and allows you to “take the best part of your computer with you” wherever you go. I will let Sony do the heavy lifting here in describing all the cool capabilities of the mylo– and there is a lot going on in this device including email, music, video/photos, chat, etc. — what is interesting about this device it that it has not linkage to the cellular world and only uses Wi-Fi hotspots to gain connectivity to the Internet. Indeed, the PSP/Gameboy meets Sidekick meets Pager meets IPod’s primary communications tools are Instant Messenger and Voice Messaging from Google(talk), Yahoo and Skype.A true child of the Web 2.0 Revolution, the mylo assumes voice and text messaging will be free and that access to the Internet will also come from Hotspots, which could be free or for pay. It bundles a JWire application to help you find open hotspots by geography. Okay, the real world, today, does not work that way, but as Hemingway intoned at the end of The Sun Also Rises: “isn’t it pretty to think so.”Call this the first “crossover” device of the Mobility Generation, it’s an opening salvo in the shape of things to come for computing, communications and gaming. and expensive, like all first generation miracles, it has the whiff of the inevitable. As the gamers and Mobility Generation enter the workforce, they will increasingly dictate not only how we communicate, but how we work, carrying the openness of youth into the mores of the work world. And, like the earlier generation, which brought PCs into the workforce, against the wishes of IT management, we will be under their thumb.

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  1. When I first saw the Sony mylo, I knew I had to have one, well I haven't been up-to-date with its release, but If its on the market, guys trust me, from my research Its a must have.