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Mobility Superheroes Revealed

June 3, 2008 - 2 Comments

As Alan Cohen mentioned in his last blog, Cisco Motion transforms IT managers into Mobility Superheroes with unprecedented mobility superpowers to protect mobile workers’ experience and ultimately save their world, the mobile enterprise.Thinking more about this theme, I realized that superheroes and superpowers were often a source of high public interest covered in the press. Superheroes actually often were the press. Clark Kent, Superman’s secret identity, was a reporter at the Daily Planet to have access to the latest breaking-news and be at the heart of the- motion. Peter Parker, Spiderman’s alter ego, was a photographer at the Daily Bugle specialized in pictures of Spiderman in- motion.Then I started wondering if Superman or Spiderman’s alter egos would still be the same if they lived today. Reporter or photographer? Probably not. With the internet and new media, they would have to be bloggers. I could just imagine our Mobility Superheroes blogging at night, educating the rest of us on the rightful wireless way, while spending their day-time exercising their superpowers saving the mobile world. I now had to uncover these Mobility Superheroes. I decided that Bloggers exhibiting the following qualities were more susceptible to be under cover: extraordinary wireless powers, a strong moral code, a strong sense of responsibility in making the world a mobile place, a personal aversion for siloed wireless networks and a deep belief in protecting the time of mobile workers.The first mobility superhero I suspected was Chris Silva. Chris publicly helps IT operations superheroes in mastering their wireless networking superpowers. The title of his blog hints at his focus on action:”Tackling Mobile Middleware With Hardware- Yes, Hardware“. In his conclusion, Chris encourages the masses to question their mobility compass…After this first exciting discovery I simply could not stop. Brad Reese got on my list of probable Mobility Superhero under cover. After all he had a sixth sense in his blog,”Something very big must be brewing over at Cisco mobility“. And time has shown he truly was onto something.In”Cisco Delivers On Open Promise“, Richard Martin protected the CIOs, reinforced the moral code of being open and recognized that John Chambers meant business, stating”With Cisco Motion, he’s finally delivered”.Craig Matthias’ panache in”Cisco’s Bold (and Brilliant) Move into Applications” indicated a confidence level that only the righteous can achieve. With such a statement”[This] should serve to accelerate the movement towards wireless as primary or default access by enhancing what apps can do when running on essentially any network.” Craig’s motivation could only be about making the world a (better) mobile place.And what about Jon Arnold? In”Cisco + Mobility – Get Used It“, he gave us a glimpse at his core belief when he wrote”We may have our smart phones, but in the enterprise world, they’re nothing without an intelligent network.”In the end, Alan’s Iron Man quote applies perfectly:”œYou think you’re the only superhero in the world? Mr. Stark, you’ve become part of a bigger universe. You just don’t know it yet.” – Nick Fury, IRON MAN (post-credit closing scene). There are many Mobility Superheroes under cover out there!

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  1. Speaking of IT Heroes. Dan Babineau, DIS for the City of Moncton, received the ITAC IT Hero award in June for the first wireless mesh network in Canada. Moncton has an aging populace, so the city wanted to do something to create a hip, connected community where young IT professionals would make their homes. This national award is exactly what the city wanted when they asked HP and Cisco to implement the solution. Even if I’m not a hero myself, it’s very cool to work among them and watch them transform people’s lives.

  2. Isabelle – I am glad to see that our blog is providing content of interest, I’ve been following the Mobile Visions Blog for the past couple of years, myself.