Matt’s Wireless Experience yesterday – no wires attached

February 27, 2007 - 0 Comments

Yesterday I woke up right on time (again) because my clock wirelessly synchronizes to a master clock. As part of my morning routine. I grabbed my remote control and flipped on the stereo to my favorite news station. While I was trying to open my eyes, my mother called to talk about the Oscars. So I grabbed my 2.4 Ghz phone and listened to why she thought “Little Miss Sunshine” should have won and how cute the little girl was sitting in her chair. Yada yada yada… I want to go back to sleep 5:30 AM is a bit too early to hear how pleased she was that Martin Scorcese finally won. “Mom can I call you later?” I hung up – threw the phone on the nightstand (knowing I’ll forget where it is but knowing I can use the base station to find it later on). The truth is – its at these early morning moments when I regret not investing in one of those wireless thing-a-majigs that turn your hot water on for you. But I’m inherently cheap – so I pulled myself out of bed, turned on the water, and waited for it to get warm.After the shower I threw my clothes on, piled into the car, and turned on a little Howard Stern 100 on Sirius, er XM, er SiriusX, or whatever they are called this week. I’d like to tell you that I find him offensive (ok sometimes he is a bit too much)… I’m not an elitist – the guy makes me laugh.I suffer from a little adult A.D.D. so even though I was enjoying the show. I fired up the old bluetooth headset and made a few calls. First was to my mom to apologize for my incoherence. She said (in her thick NY accent) that it was “O.K. Matthew – I shouldn’t have called so early.”Next it was checking in with some sales guys. Then I arrived at work. I fixed my passive RFID badge to my belt, flashed it in front of the reader, the door clicked, and suddenly I was inside of Building 14 of Cisco Systems – home to the famous Wireless Networking Business Unit. I rarely (if ever) plug in my PC into a wired port, I just let it boot up and authenticate. BOOM (to use a John Madden term) I’m on the network. BAM I’m roaming into a conference roomBING I’m firing up my IP Communicator on my laptop to make a phone callBAM I’m roaming againZAM I’m doing instant messenger with an engineerKA-POW I realized I’m in deep trouble cause I’m supposed to take my girlfriend out but I haven’t made a reservation (Is John Chambers reading this? If so I was actually working the whole time and I’m making a joke 😉 ).During lunch I had to run to my bank. While waiting in line to talk to a teller I decided to do a couple of other financial transactions so I whipped out my PDA and checked on my brokerage account. I also looked up reservations on, which is the ultimate tool for bachelors in need of a dinner reservation. I went back to work (making a few more calls along the way – if you see a guy in a burgandy 1989 Toyota pickup truck swerving all over the road cause he is talking on the phone – chances are it is Alan Cohen who is borrowing mine – I never drive that way). I went home at my usual time. I went for a long run. To pace myself I use a wireless transmitter in my show that syncs up to my IPOD. The transmitter synchonizes my pace to the music playing on my IPOD. The result is the optimal pace for me. Of course at the same time my Polar Heart rate monitor was letting me keep my heart rate in the optimal zone. Finally, after the run, I went to dinner, came home, flipped on the satelite TV and fell asleep on the coach. No wires attached!

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