LeBron James Needs Cisco TelePresence

The helicopters are flying over Bath, Ohio and everyone is waiting for the big decision.  Yesterday LeBron James became the most celebrated free agent of our time, starting a multimillion dollar bidding war.  What will LeBron do?  Where will he go?  Will he stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers?  All I could think about last night was how he could really benefit from Cisco TelePresence.  I’d be happy to offer up our Richfield office TelePresence room so that he can have discussions with other teams and coaches.  

After all Cisco has TelePresence Suites in every major city across the globe.  Better yet, LeBron should build a Telepresence Suite in his house.  Think of all the different use cases.  He could  conduct press interviews, talk to coaches from other teams, visit with family, fans, and more.  All of this from the convenience of his home.  The quality is unbelievably real.  Just think, billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, owner of the New Jersey Nets could have stayed in Russia and conducted his interview with LeBron without having to fly halfway across the globe.  Rap Mogul Jay-Z could stay in New York and talk face to face with LeBron while he’s in Ohio.  The offer still stands. LeBron have your people send me an email and I’d be happy to coordinate for you!

Signed,  A big fan and member of St. Vincent’s parish! 

 ps. Hope you conduct all your interviews, but ultimately decide to stay in Ohio!  We love you man!!

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