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Korean BBQ, Wi-Fi DMZ

- April 10, 2006 - 0 Comments

Touched down last night in Seoul as the orange cloud of nightfall blanketed the Korean pennisula before drifting down to the sea in Inchon. Waiting for friends to come out of customs, an SP network (with a weird, downloadable application), but, them, ah, deus ex machina, an open Linksys AP for a fast upload/download fun. 12 hours jammed in a metal can, a few feverish hours working through my battery life, and the the Centrino springs to life for a brief final burst of frenzied activity, like my 74 Opel Manta’s last ride down Newfane Hill (Vermont) in 1983 before throwing a rod and its ultimate, less-than-noble tow to the wrecking yard. Walked from the hotel next to the Cisco office to a Korean BBQ place (which if you have not been, is a communal cook-out on a tableside grill). 3 blocks and my hand-held wifi-seeker saw 7 networks.Just a little distance off is the most militaritzed border in the world. Wonder if they are sharing an access point, playing a multi-party game? A guild master to connect the North and South….

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