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I Want It!

June 7, 2010 - 7 Comments

Ok, I have to admit. Apple marketing gets to me (or is it that Apple marketing gets me?)  Yup, iPhone 4 was announced today and I have to say that soon after I started watching the relevant video I am quickly falling out of love with my iPhone 3GS. Joking aside, this is one cool device but what I am most excited about are two things:

First is FaceTime.  That opening scene on the video is me, let me explain.  A few weeks back I was working from Europe and I was on Skype video with my wife and kid everyday. Granted I would not have paid roaming charges for a voice call from my cell phone but I would have loved the capability of placing a video call over Wi-Fi without having to carry my laptop around.  Now if only Apple would allow a FaceTime call from an iPhone 4 to any other device (laptop, Cisco IP video phone, network connected TV, whatever has a camera and a network connection), but they have phones to sell so I have to respect the network externalities that they are pushing for. 

Second is 802.11n.  iPhone 4 will support 802.11n in 2.4 GHz only – which is not necessarily great news for enterprise use – as most 802.11n networks are running on the 5GHz band – but is great news for home use.  What is more exciting about this development is the battery innovations. Handheld devices stayed away from 802.11n because of the battery life limitations.  I bet we will start seeing other handheld type of devices coming out with 802.11n soon, and that can only be good news for everyone.

Isn’t it amazing that a mere 5 days ago AT&T announced the end of unlimited 3G data and today we see a new device introduction that is banking on an extremely bandwidth intensive application (FaceTime) to sell more units?  I think my hypothesis about secure and pervasive Wi-Fi hotspots everywhere is gaining some more momentum.

Now, if only I can find an excuse to get the new gadget.  When is Father’s day again?

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  1. I believe I read somewhere that facetime is actually using open standards and therefore will work with other devices once we are all able to get the integration figured out.

  2. Hi Dimitris, it looks like Apple has reset the bar. While devices like the Google/HTC Nexus One had (at least IMHO) surpassed the iPhone 3GS, it looks like Cupertino is back on top with the iPhone 4. After using displays like the 800x480 pixel display on the Nexus or the 854x480 display on the Droid it was hard to go back to the 480x320 screen on the 3GS. Of course, with 960x640, the iPhone 4 (by the way, Retina Display is a term filled with marketing win) trumps them all. It was not long ago I had laptops with lower resolution displays. As for WiFi, not having 5GHz 802.11n is a bit of a bummer for me, as I went from 2.4 GHz Wireless N to 5.0 GHz Wireless N in order to get around some interference problems that were steping on my home network a couple times a night. In the enterprise, CleanAir should help get around interference issues, even at 2.4 GHz. Sad that AT&T has capped bandwidth and even sadder that femtocell use still counts against your montly quota. At least WiFi is still free.

  3. after seeing that video i am completely sold, I want this phone. The new features are amazing especially the face time feature. There are a lot of old friends that I still keep in contact with that I would love to see with my own two eyes.

  4. Hi Dimitris,Cisco technology partner - Agito Networks' RoamAnywhere Dialer for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store should be of interest to you:'s a quick run-through of the Agito for iPhone client:,Brad Reese

  5. The next generations of mobile devices will be really awesome in power of processing and communication for mobile devices, hope that internet connection at a reasonable price (or better, free) could be a reality too.

  6. As a bored owner of the 3G, I find it difficult to commit myself to yet another 2 years with the Iphone 4. Yes, the design concept is sexy, the metal (antenna) strip is cool and the glass front/back is a nice step up. Of course how many people will carry the phone without a case on it? As for WiFi, kudos for the inclusion of 801.11n! But, other phones with larger screens and less restrictions (read app store) are available now and many more to follow. The upcoming Dell offerings look to bring so much more to the game with 802.11n and LTE and possibly WiMax (depending on model/carrier). So, is design worth being locked into a new (reworked) Iphone? I have to say, I'm going to pass on this one.

  7. Even Steve Jobs at launch was mentioning about how important wifi access at the carriers would be for this device. So due to the enevitable high uptake of this phone, lets hope it forces the telco's to really push for the development of their wifi networks. With a bit of luck the increased consumer usage of wifi will act as an economy of scale and perhaps lower prices at the carriers? Or is that me being wildly optimistic?