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Do the Math and Save

June 17, 2010 - 2 Comments

In my prior life as a management consultant I was often asked to help my clients create business cases for investment in technology.  In most of these situations I had to deal with two groups of people: a) those that believed the investment in new technology would bring significant operational improvements/efficiencies, and b) those that questioned if and how those efficiencies would be achieved. 

As a marketer for Cisco’s wireless infrastructure my customers tend to fall in the first category, but time and time again they ask me “I get it, but how do I convince my CFO/Controller?”

In response to this need we asked Forrester to build an ROI calculator that would enable you, our customers, evaluate the return on investment a Cisco Unified Wireless Network provides. Forrester interviewed key Cisco customers to collect information about the savings and improvements an investment in wireless networking provided them, and compiled everything into a user friendly excel spreadsheet.  

The result is a tool that is quite comprehensive – but certainly not exhaustive – and captures many of the key benefits a typical customer can expect to receive from a Cisco Unified Wireless Network.  Clearly, not all benefits are transferable between customers, and as such you will find that in the cases where there was enough data to support a generalization, a default value has been provided (which of-course can be edited). In the remaining cases, Forrester built mathematical models that can be used to calculate business benefits, based on the inputs you provide. 

There are a total of 16 benefit categories that are calculated to arrive in the final ROI estimation. As you can imagine, many of these benefits have to do with employee and IT productivity improvements.   But there are many “hard” benefit categories as well that are related to the network’s ability to support:

  • context aware applications (i.e. asset tracking)
  • video delivery over wireless (i.e. video surveillance)
  • voice over Wi-Fi

You can download the tool from our website by clicking on the “Do the Math and Save” banner (highlighted in red).

Then take your time and think through your inputs carefully.  Calculate the Cisco Unified Wireless Network ROI and return to this blog post and give us your comments:

  1. What is your estimated ROI?
  2. How do these results compare to your current experiences?
  3. What other main benefit categories have you experienced that we have not listed here?
  4. How is a Cisco WLAN changing your business (i.e. from a process perspective, or a collaboration perspective, etc.)?
  5. Will this tool help you communicate the value of Cisco Wireless in your organization?

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  1. Hi Dimitris,I’m featuring the Cisco Wireless Solution ROI Calculator too: cool stuff!Brad Reese

  2. Very interesting this tool build by Forrester research, can be used to show all parts of a organization the benefits of a Unified Wireless Network adoption.