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Clever Outdoor Wireless Partnerships Deliver Mobility For Business

- December 21, 2006 - 0 Comments

On last Wednesday’s 12/13/06 Live Broadcast of Mobility TV, Chris Kozup talked about using wireless outside during our Now You Can segment. Chris said, “Now you can hold your staff meetings in the park on a beautiful spring day using outdoor wireless access rather than sitting in a stuffy conference room without windows.”Those of us behind the scenes busily answering viewer questions laughed and said,”Yes, we’re ready for springtime! We want to go outside to answer Mobility TV viewer questions rather than sit in this stuffy, windowless conference room.” Today, we can easily move outdoors. Wireless mesh has made that possible! Outdoor wireless access is no longer limited to within 300 feet of a wired port. With wireless mesh, outdoor access can be deployed anywhere with line of site between mesh access points and power (street lights, traffic signals, etc.). Only one mesh access point needs to be wired into the network, all of the other mesh access points send and receive data via a wireless backhaul (Cisco Launches City-Wide Outdoor Wireless ‘Mesh’ Solution).Outdoor wireless can now be pervasively deployed. And companies, cities, public agencies, and service providers are working together to come up with clever ways to bring outdoor wireless to their local regions, for example…..Today, I presented our outdoor wireless mesh solution to an enterprise customer that wants to work with their local service provider to deploy an outdoor wireless mesh solution in their city. The enterprise company will help fund the outdoor wireless mesh network. In exchange, they’ll get full access for their mobile employees and the service provider will be able to offer wireless access to other companies, city agencies, and the public. The service provider will own and maintain the network. This city-wide outdoor wireless mesh network is being driven by the enterprise company because it sees a need for outdoor wireless to meet it’s business requirements for employee mobility -indoors and outdoors. This clever partnership will be a win-win for the company, the service provider, the city, and the public. Companies and cities are starting to see the return on investment (ROI) of outdoor wireless access to increase employee productivity, enable real-time workflows, and improve customer service. They’re also looking to outdoor wireless networks for support of a variety of Wi-Fi enabled devices – beyond laptops and PDAs – such as parking meters, gas/water meters, alarms, field service devices, and security cameras. Client security is not an issue with an outdoor wireless mesh network because companies can use Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) or WPA2 via a secure AAA backend server set up by the service provider or open access with VPN back to their internal network.I’m ready to go outside and work! Are you?Yes, come springtime, don’t be surprised if your Mobility TV question is answered by the Cisco Mobility team as we sit outdoors in the sunshine sipping an iced latte. Since we are all wireless, you don’t need to know where we are — as long as we get our job done.Tune in to Mobility TV the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 10:00 AM PT. It’s LIVE and FREE!! The next broadcast is Wednesday, January 10, 2007.Mobility TV offers informative interviews with mobility experts, authorities, and business leaders in a dynamic, television-style format. Questions can be submitted to our wireless experts at anytime throughout the broadcast and answers are posted live to all viewers.Register for an upcoming Mobility TV broadcast or watch a replay of an archived broadcast.

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