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Assuaging Paraskevidekatriaphobia

July 13, 2007 - 0 Comments

I’ve never been overly superstitious. No salt over the shoulder if I spilled some, not worried about black cats crossing my path (which is only thought of as unlucky in North America -in the rest of the world, a black cat crossing your path is good luck!), didn’t worry about 7 years of bad luck if I broke a mirror.But many people are. It comes from generations of our elders repeating these as truths to us. Old wives tales, as sometimes they’re called. It doesn’t hurt to believe in them as long as they aren’t taken too far. And it’s fun to imagine how they evolved.– Don’t sweep while you’re pregnant -an overworked peasant woman who just wanted a rest after dealing with the chores and her other seven kids.- If you find a penny tails up, it’s bad luck -a man goes to work and is fired, then is robbed on the way home. Coming home, he’s trying to figure out how to explain it to his wife, and finds a penny tails up.- Never give a knife as a housewarming present -a man is murdered by his neighbor. Another neighbor remembers that a knife was given as a gift and thus the superstition begins.On a positive front, there are good luck superstitions. These are rampant, and often very personal. Like an athlete wearing lucky socks, or a musician who always has the same meal before a big performance. Today is a scary day for those that believe in the superstitions that surround Friday the 13th. For those of us with Paraskevidekatriaphobia, I suggest mobility to help assuage worries about bad things happening. We always feel safer in our homes. So today, stay home! Tell your boss you have Paraskevidekatriaphobia [click here for more information on the origins of Friday the 13th] – he or she probably won’t want you to come in anyway after you give them the news!

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