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What Makes a Good Smartphone Video Application?

Apple’s new iPhone 4 has hit the market to much fanfare as expected, and one of the most talked about features is video calling. While Apple is touting its new FaceTime application that will only work between iPhone 4 users, it is only a matter of time before other apps make their way into the market to provide greater flexibility for video calling between any mobile devices. For example, one of my previous posts shows a demonstration of what high definition Movi mobile video would look like on an iPhone, and other consumer grade products like Skype already have audio applications for smartphones and are working to deliver video.

Given Cisco’s recent estimation that video will be a significant part of what they believe will be a $34 billion collaboration business, it is reasonable to expect a proliferation of smartphone video applications in the near future. But what will the key features of smartphone video applications be? I think high definition resolution will be critical on the small screens to help ensure the best visual experience. Also, basing the video applications on open standards will be key for ensuring that callers can reach anyone at anytime, regardless of vender or hardware – enabling true video collaboration.

What do you think are some critical features for smartphone video applications?

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  1. I concur with everything Jimbo and Djeek said. Cisco is moving at snail pace these days. The only conceivable reason why Movi iOS/Android app hasn’t been released is that they may want it to be only available on the Cius tablet. That would be a terrible idea and kill this great app. If they’re smart they should just release a stand-alone iOS/Android app (paid or free), which will help them sell more network gears in the end.

  2. Steffen, If you find a product that does all of that I think everyone will bite your hand off for it! 🙂

    Come on Cisco-Tandberg-Codian whoever you are now-a-days. Whats stopping you releasing? is it the App store? Is it the lack of demand. Whats stopping you?

    As a large user of Tandberg equipment we are begging for you to release a iOS client. The new iPad with its front facing camera is perfect for it. I understand it may damage your E20 range. but please

  3. Dear Tandberg,
    I believe you were ahead of the game with the proof of concept. Now after Apple has release Facetime and Skype added video in their 3.0 application, I believe it’s time to launch a supported application, so business users can enjoy connecting to their open standards systems. I believe it will further drive videoconferencing adoption in the enterprise world if execs can join a conferencing via a Tandberg Movi app. Would be happy to beta test if you are already working on this.

  4. It would be nice for it to work over 3G/4G or phone Wifi without a sip server. don’t make it proprietary. also make it affordable for everyone not just the for the C level business people, and I agree with #2.

  5. It will be interesting to see if Cisco will come out with a app solution that will interact with the Tandberg solution as well as standard phone to phone so I will only need one app to call my family and to conduct meetings back to the office or to a client.

  6. Most important will be compatibility with existing systems like LifeSize or TANDBERG. Further is it really important to have an app which can handle packet loss, latency, jitter very well and runs well enough with lower bandwidth at all. Finally the real time video data transfer must be supported by the existing providers.