What is JITC and what does it mean to your agency?

Recently, many of our customers have been asking about Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) testing and certification.Many of you have told us that you would like a quick overview of JITC, its importance, the procedures for pursuing certification and recertification, and how you can find the status of any product currently in the JITC process.

The basics of the JITC process are outlined below.

What Is JITC

JITC provides test, evaluation, and certification services for acquiring and deploying of global “net-centric” military capabilities.

The Approved Products List (APL)

There are two APLs of particular interest for the video conferencing market and they are the DSN APL and the IPv6 APL.These APLs are separate today, although they may be merged together in the future as demand for IPv6 begins to increase.


The DSN certification allows the products to operate on the Department of Defense (DoD) H.320 based network.Once a product is scheduled for testing, it appears on the DSN schedule on the JITC website.This site is public and you can monitor the progress of any product on the JITC website by going to:

DSN Schedule: http://jitc.fhu.disa.mil/tssi/schedule.html, click the link under schedule.

Currently approved products:  http://jitc.fhu.disa.mil/apl/dsn.html, search by manufacturer.

TANDBERG status: TANDBERG has received JITC recertification from the Federal government for the complete TANDBERG MPS infrastructure and MXP endpoint portfolios. In addition, the TANDBERG Management Suite (TMS) is now certified, making it the only management platform for video to receive JITC certification. With endpoints, infrastructure and now a management platform certified, the DoD can purchase a total JITC-certified solution only from TANDBERG.

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