What do WebEx QoS and Phone Troubleshooting Have in Common? Part 2

April 25, 2014 - 3 Comments

What do WebEx QoS and Phone Troubleshooting have in Common?

If you read my previous blog then you’ll already know that the answer is Medianet. In Part 1 of this 2 Part blog series I discussed the new reverse Metadata capability, provided by a Cisco network, that allows an Enterprise to enable granular QoS marking for all the different media streams that make up a WebEx meeting. In this 2nd instalment, we’re going to take a look at how we can extend Medianet’s Mediatrace capability to Cisco’s 79XX, 89XX and 99XX IP Phone portfolio.

The other recent innovation for Medianet is Prime Collaboration’s ability to now invoke a Mediatrace for a number of IP Phones models that don’t support the MSI (Media Services Interface). As these devices cannot originate Metadata, it has been previously impossible start a Mediatrace through end point selection for telephones in Prime Collaboration. It is now possible, reactively and proactively, to troubleshoot voice quality issues on 79XX, 89XX and 99XX devices, using the same combination of Medianet and Prime Collaboration tools that have previously only been applicable to personal and room based video systems. Take a look at one of my previous blogs, “Medianet in Action”, for some additional background material on video troubleshooting. The demonstration below shows how to start a Mediatrace for a pair of phones.

The mechanism used to initiate a Mediatrace for 79XX, 89XX or 99XX phone models is quite simple. For a point to point call, Prime Collaboration will interrogate each telephone to ascertain its default gateway. Once it has this information, Prime Collaboration can start a path trace on the router and subsequently start a Mediatrace on the first Medianet enabled device it encounters. The result is bi-directional, real time troubleshooting that isolates where errors, such as packet loss and/or jitter, are occurring in the network.

The benefit of this is that Medianet is now not just relevant for high end video devices. Its advanced troubleshooting capabilities can now be applied to literally millions of Cisco IP Phones that are currently deployed in production. Every Cisco Voice and Cisco Video Customer can now take advantage of Medianet!

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  1. We have a number of call center 7942 phones that connect via VPN for work from home agents. We need the ability to see information about the home network, ping and network latency to the corporate ASA and as much about internal connections. Since the traffic for the home user can be traveling through different network hops with asymetric routing, it would be helpful to visually see the different network paths between the home carrier and corporate system.

    Additionally, we are recording calls via the built-in-bridge capability of the phone. Since the phone is forking this extra leg we would also request statistics on this branch as well.

    Are you aware of any such features or enhancements? Are there any new phone models without video that have medianet enabled? How does medianet function over a VPN?

    • Hi David,

      Apologies for the delayed response, I’ve been out of the office for a couple of weeks.

      Unfortunately, you cannot use Prime Collaboration to discover the forked call and then use a Mediatrace to troubleshoot it. There is currently no support for this in the product.

      New video phones/devices will support the MSI but there are no plans that I’m aware of to add the MSI directly into any of the new telephone models we’ve released. The “proxy” function I described above is all we have for voice only phone models.

      Medianet will work across a VPN connection. It is tunnelled so the connection will appear as a single hop on the returned topology. You get statisitics at each end of the VPN.

      If you have any follow up questions, please do not heistiate to post them to me.

      Regards, Karl…..

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