I’ve just had the honor of speaking at this year’s InfoComm conference and wanted to share with you some of the ideas I explored in depth during my session. It’d be great to hear your thoughts in response and get a conversation going … because, to me, that sort of collaboration is just what the future of digital communication is going to be about.

The way I see it, we’re moving from an “Internet of Things” to an “Internet of Everything.” The Internet of Things is the connection of the 50 billion apps and clouds and devices that join up to networks and enable some level of communication. But the Internet of Everything is about synthesizing these connections and data to transform business processes and make them accessible to people in ways that matter in the real world. The real value is in the connections—in other words, it’s about enabling truly powerful collaboration. The value of the Internet of Everything is only as good as the breadth of the people, process, data and things it can reach.

The best collaboration systems take a standards-based approach and unleash the value of the people using them. They raise the value of human interaction over distance with voice, video and content sharing all rolled into one experience. They give these people the flexibility to work from anywhere, from Starbucks to the boardroom, with equally important impacts on the projects in which they’re engaged. Ultimately we should be able to interact on any pane of glass and by augmenting personal interactions with information from data and things it makes it better than being there!

We’re striving to keep people at the center of everything we do, so while we work to bridge the gap between location flexibility and users’ choices of devices and media, we’re thinking less about the fanciness of the technology and more about providing a single, high-quality experience for users. That experience will comprise cloud, video and mobility, integrating them in a way that’s intuitive and productive for our customers.

The future of collaboration will take users beyond their own companies and extend to remote suppliers and partners, all the way to a call center to service the end user. This collaboration will unite the entire business production line, will be simple enough for a non-techie to figure out and will provide any-to-any communications between telepresence rooms, desktop phones, iPhones, laptops and any other devices.

Also, don’t forget: we believe that it takes a combination of software and hardware to get this vision realized. It’s hard to interact with the physical world of things with software alone. Take a holistic view of the supply chain – browser, user device, sensors, network optimization, codecs, ASICs, etc. Both software and hardware are needed to deliver a high quality collaboration experience.

I’m excited about this Internet of Everything and about being part of the effort to bring it to fruition. Where do you see this next wave of collaboration taking you and your business?