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VTC delivers a better education to students

May 6, 2010 - 0 Comments

Here on Break Down the Walls, we talk a lot about how video teleconferencing (VTC) should be integrated into a state’s education system as it can enable schools to do more with less, improve education available to our children and save states a significant amount of taxpayer dollars.

Here are two great examples of innovative VTC use in the education system that we think perfectly illustrates the ways VTC is breaking down the walls between students and educational opportunities.

The first VTC implementation comes from Lake Arthur High School, in Lake Arthur, La. As of the 2000 census, the town of Lake Arthur had a population of 3,007 people, 1,192 households, and 803 families, residing in a total area of 2.4 square miles.

Thanks to VTC technology, the students were able to get a taste of the judicial system by attending a mock trial 1,450 miles away in Newark, a city that is almost 100 times the size of Lake Arthur.

During their four-hour-long mock trial, students from Lake Arthur and five other schools in the United States and Canada, served as the prosecution, defense, witnesses and jury. The mock trial was intended to teach students about the different kinds of court cases, legal terminology, courtroom procedure and the responsibilities of everyone involved in a trial.

In an environment where a fieldtrip to a big city courtroom was mostly likely out of the question and well outside the budget, VTC was able to bring an interactive courtroom experience right to the students.

The second VTC implementation comes from Nevada, where VTC technologies are being used to bring legal experts right into the classroom for a very important lesson.

According to a recent report from the Las Vegas Sun, students across the state were able to participate in a panel discussion with judges and attorneys about the legal ramifications and dangers that they could experience through cyberbullying, sexting and other activities conducted via technologies like smartphones and social networking. This is an important lesson for students who often don’t realize the affect these negative behaviors can have on their future and how they can lead to legal problems.

VTC solutions are breaking down the walls between students and experiences that can deliver a richer, fuller educational experience. By delivering the world to students, VTC is improving education without breaking the budget for school and powering a new way of teaching.

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