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VTC — a powerful weapon in the war on wasted office space

June 10, 2010 - 0 Comments

Today, President Barack Obama issued an order to federal government agencies to work towards reducing their real estate needs, cutting down on office space and improving energy efficiency.

With the ongoing economic issues and deep national debt that our country is currently mired in, this seems like a simple request that could go a long way towards cutting costs and reducing government spending. In fact, it’s projected that this move could save $8 billion in the next two years.

However, the simple act of better utilizing underused buildings is only one step that the government can take towards reducing the amount it spends on space and energy. The simple investment and implementation of video teleconferencing (VTC) solutions could help take this a step further.

By adopting VTC solutions, federal employees would be able to communicate as if they were in the same room, regardless of how far away they were from each other. This enables government agencies to embrace telework without the common fear of unwatched employees avoiding work and losing the ability to harmoniously interact and collaborate.

By utilizing VTC to quell fears managers have about teleworking, additional employees can be given the privilege. This will lead to a happier more productive workforce, and drastically reduce the amount of office space government agencies need. If employees are only coming into the office for a fraction of the work week, workspace and technology can be shared.

On top of cutting down on office space requirements, the federal agencies will also significantly reduce other operating expenses. Less employees in the office at any given time significantly cuts down on the amount of energy, utilities and office supplies consumed. Also, less hardware is needed, reducing the need for large technology purchases.

The time for telework is clearly here. Not only does it optimize a workforce and cut costs, but it also enables the continuity of operations in government agencies during times of pandemic outbreaks and bad weather. In fact, a new study recently discussed in the Washington Post shows that telework worked during this winter’s Snowpocalypse.

The Obama administration’s order to cut down on energy consumption and better utilize underused office space is a step in the right direction towards cutting government operating costs. With the addition of VTC solutions and telework adoption, the government can increase its savings and operate more effectively and efficiently. VTC is breaking down the walls between government employees and enabling a new way of working in the federal government.

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