Video that’s viral and possibly even virile

April 12, 2012 - 2 Comments

Ah, the power of video.  Witness the virality (and virility?) of the Dollar Shave Club.

Seems like a revolutionary concept, doesn’t it?  And with that David vs. Goliath overtone, it’s downright catnip to the trodden, recession-weary masses.  But, guess what?  Budget blades have been done before.  Several times. (See,, not to mention drugstore knock-off brands.)

So, what made it different this time?

In a word, video.

(4.15 million views on YouTube in a month.)

You can call it social media, too.  Or just a sense of humor.  But the basic fact is, without the video, and the talent it showcases, Dollar Shave Club would not have the big brands shaking in their boardrooms.

Now before you say, “oh Irene, this is a consumer product, totally different from an enterprise,” I will say, “not so fast, grasshopper.”  The point here is that video is a visceral experience.  You don’t have to process it.  You don’t have to use your imagination to understand the scenario. You  don’t have even have to be literate.  That means the time from viewing to aha! is now virtually nil.

That’s the power of video.  It can transform industries.  Now imagine how it can transform your business.  We’ll be giving concrete examples in the following months, so stay tuned.

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  1. Well I strongly believe an ordinary video won’t help serve a proper marketing tool, we need proper concepts and something unique before being able to convince customers about the product or services.

    Personally I have seen a large number of small business owners achieiving notable success as a result of viral videos but they all had in common a proper mechanism using quality assurance standards to ensure all the raw materials such as video clips, audio files and graphics lay their impact into something worthy and substantial. I think using Cisco solutions for creating viral Video is a wise idea especially when social media is exploding with targeted audience.

  2. Completely agree, at my company we are beginning to use video as one of our main marketing tools