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Video Conferencing and TelePresence Enable Greater Quality of Life

June 14, 2010 - 0 Comments

In a recent post we discussed how video conferencing and telepresence are expanding the reach of mental health professionals by enabling them to counsel people in remote areas. This isn’t the only way that video has the capability to enhance mental health. A recent article in the Patients’ Association of Canada discussed a study featured in the June issue of the Journal of Clinical Nursing which shows how video conferencing is enriching the lives of nursing home residents by allowing them to have face-to-face communication with family members. The ability to see family members, rather just hear their voice, gave residents a greater peace of mind when it came to their family’s well-being.

Although many of the 34 residents that chose to participate in the study initially felt anxious or self-conscious at the thought of using a new technology, overall they reported a very positive experience. Once participants got the hang of it they enjoyed the more interactive conversations made possible with visual communication. Many of the residents have family that live too far to be able to visit them on a regular basis, but the use of video gave the residents an opportunity to be a part of their family member’s lives and to “visit” relatives that they other wise wouldn’t be able to see.

“It is a fun and helpful activity. Although it took me a little time to interact with my family I feel fabulous every time after talking with my son. Sometimes he plays a song I like on the violin, which he would never bring here. He also shared some photos with me, the pets in the house and so on,” says one participant.

The study left me thinking about my own 91-year-old grandmother who lives on her own hours away from any family, and how video conferencing would increase my peace of mind when it comes to her well-being. I live 14 hours away from my grandmother and don’t get a chance to see her very often. We frequently talk on the phone, but every time I hang up I am left wanting just a little more reassurance that she really is okay. Video communication would fulfill that need by allowing me to look her in the face when she tells me that everything is okay.

This is another example of what video collaboration can you for you. It not only enhances your business life, but in also enriches your personal one.

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