Validate your network configuration with IPSLA VO, our built-in traffic simulator

March 12, 2012 - 0 Comments

In our last blog, we talked about mediatrace which is one of the medianet media monitoring features. In this blog, let’s talk about IPSLA video operations (VO), another media monitoring feature.

IPSLA VO generates realistic synthetic traffic similar with the same characteristics of real media traffic (e.g. burstiness, packet size, packet rate, etc.). Without involving the endpoints, IT operators can generate traffic and observe its impact on the network and other existing applications. This makes IPSLA VO a powerful tool to validate network configurations and capacity:

–          Before deploying new video or voice applications, or
–          To verify that changes made to existing configurations were made correctly.

Because it doesn’t involve endpoints, IPSLA VO is an ideal tool to troubleshoot and verify network configurations between endpoints, especially the ones in different timezones, saving operators a lot of time.

Combined with mediatrace, IPSLA VO can be even a more powerful tool. By starting an IPSLA VO operation together with a mediatrace, the operator can get a report of statistics hop-by-hop of the impact of the traffic on the network and can easily spot trouble areas.

Watch this short video to see how IPSLA VO works in our Catalyst switches that support IPSLA VO.

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