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User Stories – Videoconferencing Professionals Group

January 11, 2010 - 0 Comments

Recently, an interesting discussion developed in the Videoconferencing Professionals LinkedIn group about the various ways people are using video conferencing. Below are a few of the user stories from the almost 50 comments featured that really illustrate the breadth of opportunities video conferencing holds for personal, health care and business use.

Thomas Purvis: “We have used it so a mother can see her baby in the NICU and for our troops to see children born in the US while they are at war. We also use it for telemedicine for stroke patients in rural hospitals.”

Jerry Dunn: “I have seen HD video used across continents in the fashion industry to discuss materials, patterns and designs. Instead of sending samples and drawings via FedEx – the implementation allowed the users to collaborate in real time and helped move up their time to market by months.”

Karen J Sander: “Open Brain Surgery with Operation Smile at the Military Hospital in Bogotá, Colombia: We connected doctors from Houston Children’s Hospital, George Washington Hospital in DC and Bethesda Hospital in MD. Within the hospital we also connected the OR to an auditorium, where doctors, students and visitors could see the 17 hour surgery and interact with other doctors, students and nurses. What a rush that was!!!”

Dawn Meade: “This is really geeky, but gaming! We had a group of very close friends who played table-top RPG games (think D&D, but not that particular brand). Unfortunately, a couple of them had to move across the country for work and such. With some cleverly utilized VTC equipment, we were able to continue our weekly or biweekly ‘gaming dates’ and successfully finish the ‘campaign’ despite losing some of our key players.”

Jerry Connolly: “I was at a company that had their VTC connected to an electron microscope used to observe microscopic chemical reactions. Customers could dial in and watch the tests and comment on the success or needed changes. Greatly improved time to market.”

Do you have any interesting video conferencing stories? Share your experiences below.

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