Turn Meeting Rooms into Collaboration Rooms

April 28, 2014 - 5 Comments

These days it’s pretty rare that my meetings include only the people in the room. I work in a global company and my co-workers are spread out across the world. We work successfully together any time and from wherever we are through video collaboration. Video isn’t just a nice bonus: 87% of remote users feel more connected to their team and process when using videoconferencing, according to a recent GigaOm report.

You have conference rooms. Adding video should be easy. We agree. And that’s a big part of the focus for our latest endpoint products, announced last month.

The Cisco MX Series endpoints turn meeting rooms into collaboration rooms. Our design philosophy is what we consider “Scandinavian simplicity meets Californian approachability.”

All these collaboration room systems were built on the same philosophy:

  • Simplicity
  • Appealing design
  • Easy installation
  • Intuitive, consistent user interface
  • Improved quality, performance
  • New intelligent video collaboration experiences

This expansion in the MX Series means you can bring video collaboration to all types of meeting rooms, from small spaces to very large rooms. All the endpoints use a common user interface, which means if you’ve used one of the products, you can use any of them.

Setup simplicity is also a key factor across the line.  You can install and set up all endpoints in the MX Series within an hour — some in much less time, for example the MX200 and MX300 G2 can go from box to a video call in less than 10 minutes.

New enhancements provide benefits that other vendors can’t match, including: speaker tracking, intelligent proximity, and H.265 support.

Speaker Tracking: A challenge of video in meeting rooms is that it’s sometimes hard to tell who is speaking, or the speaker ends up off camera. With Speaker Tracking, the MX700 and MX800 cameras “track” to whoever is speaking, no matter where they are in the room. Viewers always see who is speaking during the meeting.

Intelligent Proximity: When you walk into a meeting room that has an Intelligent Proximity- enabled device, your mobile device knows it. You get a notification that allows you to connect to and participate in the meeting from your own device. Intelligent Proximity means that you can display – and even save — any content shared on the MX Series room systems to mobile devices such as Apple iPads. You can control content on your devices — move through slides, save information, and forward content to other users.

H.265 Support: The new MX700 and MX800 are H.264 and H.265 ready. Cisco’s industry-first H.265 implementation sets the stage for bandwidth reductions up to 50% compared to H.264 — or twice the video definition at the same bandwidth. Cisco’s intelligent video architecture also provides broad third-party interoperability on H.264 SVC.

All these features and products focus on what makes it easier for people to work together by simplifying collaboration with industry-leading design, fully-integrated turn-key intelligent video collaboration systems, and great user experience.

The goal is to help organizations of all sizes bring collaboration into all meeting spaces with flexible infrastructure, competitive pricing, and lower cost of ownership.

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  1. Just installed our first MX 300. Plugged an Apple TV into 1 HDMI port and an Extron Teamwork system into the other. Customized the Touchpanel thru the web interface to name the share buttons what I wanted and now we have the easiest room to use in the company. The new standard and plan in installing about 20 or so more in the next couple of years. We are finished with piecing systems using expensive custom programmed systems that never work right!!!

    • Thank you for sharing your story, Dave! A great reference of what is and must be a common goal for Cisco, partners and customers – to make it easy and delightful for the end users which should focus on their collaboration objectives.

  2. Great so no more, bed to meeting and attending in pajama privileges.

    • I would rather say “make your meetings more productive and engaging so it is worth getting out of bed and getting out of the pajama”. Video makes a huge difference in reaching this goal.